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Ok, simple question here but I'm board and waiting for my cpu heat sink to get here so I can top off my p.c. I have an antec 900 and I put in the 2 optional case fans(one in the hdd holder, and one on the side pannel. My question is about the one on the side pannel- should it exauhst air, or suck it in? I have a 4870 X2 and it sits just bellow this fan and I've read that it runs very hot and needs more air. But the fan is near the back of the case where all of the air gets exauhsted and might be conflicting. If it makes a difference I'm getting a thermalright 120 eXtreme and I'm getting a second fan holder for the push/pull option, and that sits near this fan too. It seams like I could put it either way, any thoughts? Thanks...

Heres my pc(idk just want to show it off :p ):
asus p6t mobo
core i7 920
corsair ddr3 @ 1333 mhz
4870 X2
700w psu
antec 900
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  1. blow air into the case. However if you have a big heatsink it might not fit. I had to take a pair of garden shears to my side fan to fit with the xigmatek s1283
  2. The general rule of thumb is usually cool air into the bottom front of a case and hot air out the top rear of the case. A fan on the side panel usually blows cool air into a case to help coll a video card or cpu depending on the location of the fan.
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