Tighter Timings or Faster Speed

DRAM Frequency: 502 Mhz (1000mhz in bios, some1 plz explain as well)
FSB:DRAM (ratio): 1:2
CL: 6
tRCD: 6
tRP: 6
tRAS: 15
tRC: 21

6-6-6-15-21 @1000mhz

thats what i have currently.......is it better than:



(i believe i have the enhanced timing kit)

9-9-9-24 @ 1600 mhz?

is there a general rule of thumb to that? so is my current configuration better? i know Viper series aren't the best but it's been working OKAY for me.......are Viper series really that unreliable?
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  1. ***i didnt mean to put that emote in with the ratio

    also, should i be messing with the timings as well?
  2. help!?!
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