Comp. (xp) shuts itself off

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Can someone tell me why my computer shuts itslef off
after not being used for an hour............... I have
always left it open over night without a problem.... Now
it shuts down and I have to re-start it.....
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    If your computer is constantly attempting to shutdown
    or reboot, quickly go to:

    Start > Run and type: CMD , and hit enter.
    This opens the Command Prompt window.

    Then type: shutdown -a , and hit enter.

    This should halt the rebooting problem.


    Then immediately turn-on Windows XP's built-in Firewall:

    Special note if you use AOL:

    America Online installs its own connection settings that override
    the ones that come with Windows XP. America Online's
    connection settings don't include a way to turn on Windows XP's
    built-in firewall.

    Visit the following web site for instructions on downloading
    a FREE firewall program for your computer.


    What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm and Its Variants

    A tool is available to remove Blaster worm and Nachi worm infections from
    that are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP

    MS03-039: A Buffer Overrun in RPCSS Could Allow
    an Attacker to Run Malicious Programs

    Hope This Helps
    Not a MS-MVP
    Not a MVP
    Not nothing, just a good ole boy.
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    either that, or you (or someone else) set your computer to Hibernate after that much inactivity. It's under the settings box near the EngergyStar logo (on the screensavers panel) of your display configuration (right click your wallpaper, hit properties)
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