how many ext. harddisk data life

I have question:

I have a lot of CDROM, around 400 disc,
size: 650MB cdr, over 10years

Now, If but NEW 3.5" Hard disk, I think 500GB is fine.

(Q1) how to real copy that CDROM to HDD ?, .ISO is good format?

(Q2) if CDROM in normal can keep/conserve >10years! about Harddisk ? can 100% to conserve > 10years?

(Q3) how to check that CDROM disc, now status is 100% good? bar-sector?

Any idea please!
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  1. Who can see what we'll be using as media in 10 years' time ?

    I suspect hard drives will be long gone, replaced by solid state memory.

    Will optical media still be around ? Well, 30 years after the launch of CD people are still using vinyl so I wouldn't be surprised if CD is still around in 10 years.

    How long individual writeable CD disks remain usable depends in part how you store them -- somewhere cool, dark and dry would seem sensible.
  2. Here, I used Kodak CDR, kodak say "stable dye layer yields data life of up to 100 years or more?

    I check that disc, can success read. DIR can show result, file,folder around year 1998
    CD Disc label 980105_1104
    I think is year 1998 Jan to burn ?

    Now, any idea if Harddisk only read-write first time, and keep to store-room, over 5-10year reused, 100% good life?
  3. The point about hard drive is that the data may survive but will there be a computer with an interface for a mechanical hard drive in 10 years ?

    Look how since the mid eighties we have gone from the original IBM PC AT's disk interface, IBM PS/2 disk interface, IDE now SATA -- with SCSI probably on the way out.

    You might argue that the same issue applies to CD/DVD drives.

    Seems that still the best way to future proof documents and pictures would be to print them !
  4. you mean that "cdrom disc /harddisk" if good to store. >10years is POSSIBLE, after 10 year can READ/WRITE.?

    but NEW problem is over 10years, that "CDROM Drive , HardDisk" that "data connecting" [IDE/SCSI/SATA2] maybe
    disContinue suppot?

    how about "USB" , if backup that Harddisk is Ext.USB Harddisk ?

  5. USB ? That's on its 3rd generation (actually 4th if you count v 1.1) since 1996. Where will USB in 10 years ?

    Sorry, I think you've asked a question it's impossible to answer adequately.
  6. oops. future standard. I not sure...

    but I known +5 years, USB is safe to keep data. if Harddisk is no any PHYsical problem.

    in general, how to keep and store that Ext. Harddisk?

    first time, read and write,
    ....but store/sleep to 5years.....
    .after 5 years, re-connecting it. I think No problem? if find problem, that DATA can recover. right?
  7. @ gonn if you plan on using a HDD to store files and you plan on storing it for a long time, your best bet would probably be to vacuum seal your HDD.
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