E5200 + GA-G31M-ES2L?

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum, and I hope some of you can help me out here, I am looking to buy a desktop very soon and am currently using a 3 year old laptop, getting the desktop to play some games (1-2 year old, L4D, WOW, COD5, World in Conflict etc)

I am wondering if this cpu + motherboard + video card will be good enough for the games I mentioned.

Intel E5200, Stepping M0 (I heard higher stepping makes it easier to overclock)
Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L (a budget mb known to be a good overclock board)
Nvidia 9800GT (would this be an overkill with the cpu and MB I have)
4GB ram (DDR800)

I figured the first 3 components should be what I have to look at at this moment, can some of you comment on the build so far? Giving me tips on overclocking with this board will help too as I have never OCed before, I am thinking I will push it to 3.2 ~ 3.4 Ghz (is that ok with stock cooling only on the E5200)??

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  1. Well to start off wit the 3 components, they are all good ...and once u have overclocked the e5200, u wont see any bottleneck wit the 9800GT...

    But generally if u plan to overclock then its better to buy a gud cooling...but wit the stock u still will be able to push ur CPU but nt as high as on gud cooliing...
  2. Drop the 9800 for a 4850 if you can get one for the same price or less as they are far better and less prone to high temps.

    don't forget that a good choice of fan will be the difference between a 1ghz overclock or a 500mhz overclock in some cases.
  3. Don't see any issues with it, I built an e5200 and g31 from gigabyte a couple months ago. It really flies. It's faster than my e6600 and runs way cool. Go for it.
  4. Helloworld_98, By a good choice of fan do you mean a good choice of a CPU fan (not a case fan right)? How much would a good fan cost? If it costs like 40-50 dollars, then isn't it better to just get another processor if that's what it takes to overclock it to really high speed? I heard that OCing depends on your luck too...
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