Buffalo juststore 1tb green light flashing

Hello, i have a Buffalo Juststore 1tb....its been working fine for weeks - however - all of a sudden it has stopped working - there seems to be no prblem with power supply... However when i plug the usb in to the computer, the green light on the hard drive starts flashing....any ideas guys!?!
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  1. Check device manager and disk management in your operating system.
    Is the drive recognized?
  2. Mine has been doing the same. I sorted it by doing a software update. Not quite sure why this worked but it did. It works for a bit after this then I need to do the same when it starts flashing. Its really annoying!!!
  3. p.s i normally leave it plugged in while I do the update. Em.
  4. Check if it is using PIO mode, do a simple HDTune benchmark on it; check if the CPU usage during that benchmark is high (25% for quadcore).

    Also check SMART data.
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