New Build w/ SSD Boot Drive, what do I need to know?

I'm building a new PC and am planning to use a 40GB Intel SSD as a boot drive with a regular hard disk for data. I'm using Windows 7. One of the things I keep coming across, particularly for a gaming PC, is how little space is left on the 40GB after the OS. Ideally, I wouldn't put but my most used game on the SSD. Everything else goes on the data drive.

But it looks like its hard to really make Windows do this. I see registry hacks for moving the ProgramFiles folder. I see other hacks for moving user folders either using symbolic links or other registry hacks (I'm leaning towards the links).

I also saw one recommendation to install Windows 7 on both drives and just boot with the SSD. But I'm not sure how that would work.

So my question - what set up do you recommend so that the majority of my data / installs go to my data drive while using the SSD hard drive for boots and a few choice apps/games.?

Is it more of a PITA than its worth? I haven't decided whether to open the SSD when it gets here or to return it.

Thanks for the advice!
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    I got Windows 7 + WoW on a 30GB SSD with 5GB free still. :)

    Dis you disable pagefile, hibernation, system restore, search indexer? That stuff can all be disabled in most cases. That should leave you with enough space on your SSD.

    The most important thing is to let Windows 7 create the partition on the SSD; if you use any cloning program you may be stuck with unaligned partition, causing lower performance and lifespan.
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