Couple of questions for my new build.

Well i'll be building a complete new system in about a month or so. I have a couple of serious questions i'm concerned about that has put me into a dilemma over some of the components i'll be putting in it. Below is a list of what i'm thinking about putting in it right now.

Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550

RAM : OCZ Gold 4GB 2x2GB DDR3 1600 PC3-12800

Video Card : 2x XFX GTX 260 (216 core) Black Edition

Motherboard : EVGA 790i FTW Digital PWM

PSU : PC Power & Cooling T1KWSR 1000W

Hard Drive : 250GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 32MB Cache

Sound Card : Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty

Case : Cooler Master HAF 932

The two major things i'm stuck on is processor and video card. With the new i7's coming out i'd probably get the i7 920. How would that compare to the Q9550 if anyone knows? And for the video card(s), i've always been an NVIDIA fan but would it be better to get a single ATI HD 4870 X2? How would it run paired with my intel processor? You guys know A LOT more than i do and i'd like your professional opinion on what i should do. Anything would be nice. Thanks!
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  1. The i7 920 actually equals performance of a 3.2GHz quad core.

    A single 4870 x2 would be a better buy than 2x 260s as the 4870 x2 provides better performance and the cost is about the same. With the 4870 x2, you also have the option to add a second in for 4x crossfire which will definitely outperform a 3 way SLI configuration of 260s.
  2. The Q9550 is rated at 2.83ghz and the Core i7 920 at 2.66ghz. Imho you should go with the Core i7 build, for following reasons.

    1) the new X58 motherboards with be able to do either SLI or Crossfire, so you hav best of both worlds there. Official release date 11/17/08.

    2) you will still need DDR3, but instead of what is already out, you will need DDR3 Tri channel ram. The kits come in 2 different sizes ( 3X1GB and 3x2gb kits) and 3 different speeds (1066, 1333 and 1600).

    3) Nvidia chipset motherboards are experiancing random BSOD's (750i, 780i and 790i).

    Asus has 4 boards coming out, the best 2 are the P6T Deluxe (low to mid $300). ZipZoomFly did have them but sold out of them.

    Asus Rampage II Extreme (R.O.G. and run Tri SLI/Crossfire) at low to mid $400.

    Hope this info helped you out some. If you need more info on the Asus X58 boards, all you need to do is google them.
  3. Since you're already going for ddr3 ram, then yeah, a core i7 like the others suggested would be a better choice. The x58's aren't cheap, but neither is 790i.

    You should go for a bigger HDD. Something like the WD 640GB offers good performance and value (without breaking the bank).

    With your choice of video cards, I would go with what Slomo4shO suggested (but it really depends on the resolution you play your games at).

    You should check out this month's article.,2064.html
  4. Alright it looks like i'll be getting a ATI HD 4870 X2 paired with the i7 920. What do you guys think? Is it true intel processors don't run that well with ATI/AMD cards and vice versa?

    *** EDIT *** I forgot to add, i'll be playing games like Fallout 3, Crysis, COD:WAW, WoW,etc... And whatever the future has hold. I think it was Crysis if i remember right, but it was designed for the NVIDIA chipset. How much would games like this effect the HD 4870 X2 at max settings?
  5. The 2 260's will run better.....Crysis, W@W, for sure.

    Had an EVGA gts 640 in a machine an tried W@W, card had momentary freeze ups. Swapped in a 4870, cranked up the AA to max. Had a couple of spots where it was a little glitchy. Lots of stuff going on. Put in my xfx gtx260 and all is good..... ( 1 card ) ... 2 cards should be great in that game and will surely cruise through Crysis. ( 1680x1050 )...... Tom's is glitchy tonight too......... Edit: Although, I think, if you can afford it, a 4870x2 should play those 2 games good too.
  6. Alright awesome, thanks for the advice =D Now i'm put up against another decision. Should i get 3x1GB 1600 PC3-12800 8-8-8-24 or 3x2GB 1333 PC3-10666 9-9-9-24? I'd have to get slower ram if i got 6GB due to budget reasons. What do you guys think? Is the extra 3GB with more memory but slower speeds worth it?
  7. Go with the 6 gigs of ram at lower speeds, you will not see a performance difference by choosing the slower ram speeds unless you plan on hefty overclocking :P
  8. I'd like to get my i7 920 to around 3.0Ghz. What do ya think?
  9. the DDR3 1333 should be fine :) The only reason anyone should even consider higher speed memory is if they are considering the i7 965.
  10. Awesome dude thanks a lot. The last question :) Would you recommend Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit or 64-bit? What are the benefits of 64-bit?
  11. 64 bit can use more than 4 gig of memory. Big, big plus.
  12. fragr said:
    I'd like to get my i7 920 to around 3.0Ghz. What do ya think?

    The i7 920 can do 3.8 ghz easily with the Asus P6T Deluxe board. Check out review ove at Harcop.
  13. Whoa! That's very impressive. I'll be running on all air cooling but i'll be buying the beefy Tuniq Tower 120 and of course some Arctic Silver 5. I think i'll be shooting for around the 3.4Ghz mark. Will my 3x2GB DDR3 1333 PC3-10666 9-9-9-24 memory be able to keep up? Or will i be forced to upgrade to a faster set of memory?
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