Overclocking Phenom X4 9500

First of all, is overclocking without ever using the BIOS possible? The family computer I am trying to overclock was prebuilt, and I can't get into the BIOS (maybe I'm just doing it wrong). Anyway, i\I was trying to use AMD Overdrive, and I can't change the Reference clock. Any help or suggestions?
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  1. Who made your prebuilt if its Dell you cannot overclock them.
  2. It's a gateway Lx6200-01
  3. A quick google search shows that overclocking is limited by Gateway on the bios:


    Besides which you would not get much outta the Ph I 9500. If interested in OC'ing, you may want to build you own.

    Its possible you could find a modded bios on the web, but since you are unable to get into the bios this would prolly not help much. If you look up your model on gateway's site it should give oinfo on how to enter the bios. You might need to disable the splash screen.

    AOD is the best way I know of to OC in windows for AMD processors.
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