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I have the router in the thread title from Comcast connected to a modem with a coaxial cable. We recently had some guy that we know as a friend do some work on our router. When I tried to torrent something today apparently he had disabled all of my forwarded ports and changed the password on the router :( He is also long gone in Florida or something and we haven't spoken of him or to him since. My question is, if I reset the router to factory defaults (hold in the little button on the back for about thirty seconds and then power cycle both modem and router) will I still be able to connect to the internet? I did some research and apparently Comcast finds the MAC of your router and assigns it the correct IP address, thus allowing internet access. I also know for a fact that before he worked on the router the username and password were; Comcast, and 1234. But, anyways, just in case, is there anything that I might need to know to get teh internet back when I reset it lol
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  1. Internet should come back up on its own. You will not have any or very little security on the router.
    After you reset the router you should probably unplug the power from the modem and the router. Plug the modem in and let it initialize then power on the router. You should then be able to connect to the router through the web interface at or
  2. OK. Sweet. I reset my router and i set it to use DHCP for internet and it worked! :) HURRAY!

    But now I have another problem. Whenever I forward ports everything works just fine for about 10 minutes and then everything starts timing out. Web pages, torrent trackers, everything! And I know for a fact it is the port forwarding because right when I disable it everything is back to normal :( I have set up a static ip of, which is in my routers DHCP, I have Utorrent set on a fixed port, and I set up my router using this guide on

    What could I have done wrong??
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