Ordering today, what do you think?

Hey guys. This is my first build and I'll probably be ordering later today. I just wanted to get some final thoughts/opinions of it. Feel free to suggest alternatives to any of the parts I picked out. Thanks!

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  1. What are the uses?

    Do you really need a $130 case or would something cheaper do - that might allow you to boost the processor.

    Are you planning to overclock - if not, you won't need that cooler.

    See if you can get a 45nm processor.
    For gaming the way to go is still dual core, for video / photo editting then quad.

    Otherwise - good motherboard, HDD, PSU.
  2. why wud u want a q6600?? check out the newer q9450 or q9550.. I mean u CUD go with a dual.. but then, u will always wonder wat it is to have a quad!! With vista utilizing cores better, u are better off with a 45nm quad.. Dont get me wrong.. q6600 is great!! (i have it too) but, its outpaced by newer 45nms.. It runs cooler, is more efficient and just better overall..
  3. The 4850 1gig is only 30 dollars more than the 512.
    EDIT: But as Eklipz330 points out in his reply (below) .... So disregard what I said and thank you Eklipz330, you're gonna save me some money too ;)
  4. cmash is somewhat right, but the premium makes it seem like just as good as a deal

    if you dont have the money for a 45nm, don't worry about it

    and mxwxb, 1gb is pointless until 1920x1080, and yet it's even more pointless because your approaching 4870 512mb territory, which will pwn a 4850 1gb
  5. I COMPLETELY stand by ur decision on the graphics.. its totally adequate and really.. except for crysis, it will blast thru the rest of the games..
    IF gaming wit super-new games at super-high resolutions is not a priority, u CUD go further down!! but this is a great choice.. u wont regret it.. Besides, u cud theoretically, crossfire, if needed.. so u r good to go buddy.. sort out the processor, (IF needed).. and u r gold!!
  6. Thanks for the quick replies. Well now I'm stuck. I don't do a whole lot of photo/video editing but I do use Photoshop on occasion. I'd like to be able to run games smoothly on this machine. So now the question is Quad-core or Dual-core? I think I'll stay away from the Q6600 and go for a 45nm. If I went the dual core route, i could get an E8500 without really changing the cost. If I were to get a quad core I'd probably go with the Q9550 which would add about $140. What do you guys think? Is the extra $140 worth it?
  7. definitely worth it!! cos even if right now, u dont see much improvements, a few months or even weeks down the line, u will thank yourself for buying a quad as more software learns to use it efficiently.. If u buy a dual, u wud initially be impressed with the speed, but then u wud miss the other 2 cores.
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