Looking to get a 26" or 28" Display

I am looking to get a little bigger display, but can't decide on which one to get.
I would like to spend around 4-500ish.
I will use this for standard use and occasional gaming and watching movies. I do a little photoshop and some CAD work, but I have a professional display at my work so no big deal.

Here are two that I was looking at.
Hanns G 28"

Asus 26"

What are your thoughts, concerns, and recommendations. I am willing to spend a little more if it is worth it.
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  1. Asus is a better manf. than Hanns G imo...
  2. For the most part, but I have only used their motherboards, never anything else. Thanks though, anyone else? Hoping to order this today.
  3. Ive heard good things about the Hanns G. A friend of mine has one and other than he had to go thru it and adjust the color when he got it its been great. Last couple of Asus monitors Ive seen have been pretty poor in quality.
  4. To me, the viewing angle Is a most important spec, particularly for a large monitor. The two you linked have H/V angles of 160 degrees. That means that you have to keep your head positioned more centered in front of the monitors to keep them from looking washed out. 178/178 degrees is much better, and usually more expensive. Here are two such:

    I use two 27" Samsung 275T monitors and am very pleased. You may have to search for them at a decent price.

    A more reasonable monitor is the Soyo 26" monitor:
    Soyo is a name that you may be unfamiliar with. It is a basic monitor that has had some very good reviews.
    At $329.99 from officemax, it is worth looking into.
  5. The Hann G. has a very narrow viewing angle about 20 degrees before color shifting with lots of back-light bleeding and a very narrow color gamut. It can't be calibrated to better than acceptable and is way off out of the box. As a general purpose or gaming display it's fine and maybe even a value. I have one and I'm happy with it for how I use it.
  6. The hanns g is a terrific value, will cost you twice as much to get a better monitor.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I think I will go with the Hanns-G. I already have a standard 1080p tv in the same room so not a big deal on the viewing angle and bleeding etc, and at work I use 2 Dell Ultra sharp 30" so if I can always do photoediting at work if colors have to be exact etc.
    Thanks for all the feedback!
  8. I'm using a Samsung 37" 1080p as an extra monitor right now (I have another one connected via usb2dvi) and for the text to be readable without strain at 1920x1080 (its not crisp) I have the tv only 1.5m away. It's great for watching vids but not so great otherwise.
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