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Hey guys, I have a question and im hoping someone out there can help

Would I see better performance with larger clusters on a solid state hard drive?

I read bigger clusters are better for speed but im not sure if this applies to solid state drive. I am only running the OS (windows 7 home 64bit) and all programs including games on the solid state. All file storage (mainly media) is being stored on a second hard drive. Computer specs listed below. And thanks in advance for the help

MB = XFX 750i
Ram = DDR-2, 800Mhz 8Gb
Processor = Intel core 2 quad Q9550
Video card = single Nvidia GTX470
Hard drive (OS) = Intel X25-M 80GB
Hard drive (Media storage) = Western Digital Caviar Green, 1TB 64Mb Cash
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    FORGET using larger clusters on SSD even if they did (not saying they do) boost performance by a SMALL amount.

    You are limited to 80 gigs. If you doubled the cluster size, you would also double the "LOSTED" space. Remember a 100 byte file requires a full cluster be it 4 K, 8K, or 16K. The old rule of thumb was to multiply the number of files times 1/2 cluster size - this is whate you lose. If you have 30,000 files on C drive times 4 K cluster/2 = 60 Megs of lost space. If you upped the cluster size to 16 K then the lose would be 8K x 30K or about 240 Megs.

    PS my C drive has 120K files with a 16K cluster size I would expect a lose of approx 960 Megs, or 1 Gig and for a small performance gain - not worth it

    For storage drive with large Video files, Yes it is a viable option.
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  3. Thank you so much RetiredChief. I greatly apreciate your asistance
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