HELP..Gigabyte 8800 GT Problem "No signal Detected"

:cry: Few months ago I purchased a Gigabyte 8800 GT 512mb, the one factory overclocked to 700-1720-920 mhz and cooled by Zalman. In the first day after my purchase the card began to "turn off" frequently while playing games (especially the relatively old ones) and the monitor displayed "NO SIGNAL DETECTED"..It happens frequently and sometimes with the system hanging and the sound repeating itself..Manually restarting the system by pressing the reset key on my case leads to the "NO VGA Detected" beeps of the mobo !!!..Restarting once again will solve the problem !!!

Games frequently affected: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Singles:triple Trouble, C&C Tiberium Wars among others..Personally I noticed that the lesser resource demanding the game is; the more likely the card will suddenly stop. The problem occured frequently in Dead Space, so I disabled the (vertical syncronization) to remove the FPS cap and enabled 16x anisotropic filtering and 16x antialiasing and the problem is no more! at least till now!!
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  1. Download Rivatuner, and crank up the fan speed (sounds like your card is overheating). Due to overheating frequently you could have burned it out (or the heatsink could have loosened during shipping). Secondly download new drivers (there were some stability issues with nForce drivers and Vista)
  2. I tried posting a question at Gigabyte's support centre. The only solutions they gave me are: Changing my PSU and RMA. RMA is not an option with the poor customer service in my country (Iraq) so I replaced my PSU with an expensive 500 watt one..And guess what? it didn't solve the problem!!!
    I tried every driver version nVIDIA released, with no benefit. I read-across the internet-that other people are suffering from the same problem with that same model and one of the suggested causes was that the factory overclocking is not stable, so I used Rivatuner to reset the card to nVIDIA's default of 600-1500-900 mhz, but again with no benefit..And I'm pretty sure that it isn't overheating since I always watch the temps (even during gaming, thanks to rivatuner) and they never exceeded the normal range.

    So pleeeeeeeeeeeease CAN ANYONE HELP ME? I'm frustrated to see the card that costed $290 (yes this is the price in my country & thare is no Net Shopping!!) cannot play Oblivion without turning off every 30 to 60 minutes...HELP!!! SOS!!
  3. Thanks IH8U for your kindness and quick response...I tried maxing the fan duty cycle to 100% with no benefit..Any other ideas??
  4. The problem occured in Win XP SP2 32 bit, Win Vista Ultimate SP1 32 & 64 bit.
    Can increasing the card voltage from 1.1v to 1.2v (using a utility offered by Gigabyte called Gamer HUD) solve the problem? Is it safe? I didn't try this.
    The other thing I didn't try is to flash a new BIOS, because it's too risky and I don't have another GFX if things went bad. Can it be of value regarding my problem? Is it worth the risk?
  5. And I'm sure it isn't because of the CPU-Mobo-RAM overclocking since the problem started to occur long before I learned anything anout overclocking the FSB.
    Some people suggested it's because the RAM chips in this card are left naked and they are overheating, so again I added an aftermarket heatsinks over them....Again NO BENEFIT !!!!!! :fou:
  6. Do you get errors in event viewer?
  7. Event viewer? Do you mean that of rivatuner or what?
  8. Try removing and reinstalling the Video Card. Inspect the contacts on the card and MB while its out. If you have electrical contact cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol clean the contacts also while out. Use a different Plug from the PSU, if avaiable. Make sure the GPU cooling fan is turning and securely pluged in.

    What are your power supply specs. ?
  9. *Inspection of the contacts reveals nothing abnormal..I tried to reinstall the card but I didn't clean the contacts though..Worth trying..Thanks
    *The fan (Zalman VF-700alcu) is completely normal and functioning.
    *I tried the 2 PCI-E plugs of my PSU and tried using 1 and 2 molex plugs with the bundled adaptor but no difference.
    *My PSU: FSP-Group Blue Storm II 500 Watt with two 12v rails each with 18A.....According to nVIDIA this should be enouph..Or not?
  10. I have that same card and it happened to me for a bit , until i updated the drivers. Also, i uses a Zalman 900cu that i had laying around and used some nice Enzotech ramsinks. That helped lower my temps big time.
  11. I tried all the new releases of nVIDIA drivers..Cranky I think it was not hte new drivers that solved the poblem, it was you stopping playing the games during which the problem manifested. What do you think? Go back to the same games and try for yourself.
  12. In Windows XP it is under Control Panel -> Administrative Tools. You would then click on the System Log and look for error related to the video card driver.
  13. I spent about 10 minutes quickly checking the event viewer and it seems clear of any errors or warnings related to hardware or games software, but its full of other errors that I poorly understand...Is there something in particular I should be looking for?
  14. Errors with driver files like nv*.sys or something similar to that.
  15. You have tried many drivers. Have you totally removed the old drivers before installing the new ones? Are there any ATI drivers installed.

    What I would do is Down Load the latest Nvidia driver> save to desk top.
    Down Load Driver Cleaner and install. (one of many available programs)
    Remove Nvidia Video driver from Control Panel>add & remove programs.
    Remove ATI CCC if any.
    Open Driver Cleaner select Nvidia Video and ATI Video drivers and run program.
    Install new Nvidia Driver that you down Loaded and a saved to desk top.

    Edit: available
  16. Another program

    Driver Sweeper
  17. Thanks for you all.....I have never installed an ATI Radeon card...I always use "Driver Cleaner Pro" in safe mode before intalling any new version of nVIDIA drivers...I frequently intalled fresh versions of windows XP and Vista 32 & 64 bit..It never helped
  18. Regarding the event viewer I'm not at home now and I can't check it..I'm at work (on duty). I'll check it tomorrow. Tomorrow I may need your help so please keep checking this forum.
  19. Hi,

    I am interested on your problem because i am having the same at this moment =S I have the Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT 512MB Ultra Durable 2 Yesterday my screen turned black around 4 times in less than one hour... I had to reset my pc like You. I dont understand what could be wrong. I have a Pc with MB Intel DP35DP, Intel Core Quad Q6600 and 2*2GB RAM.

    If You have some clue to fix the problem I would be very grateful...
  20. chimpokomon said:

    I am interested on your problem because i am having the same at this moment =S I have the Gigabyte GeForce 8800 GT 512MB Ultra Durable 2 Yesterday my screen turned black around 4 times in less than one hour... I had to reset my pc like You. I dont understand what could be wrong. I have a Pc with MB Intel DP35DP, Intel Core Quad Q6600 and 2*2GB RAM.

    If You have some clue to fix the problem I would be very grateful...

    Having a P35 mobo like me hints that the problem is something about incompatibility.. perhaps!..Can you try it on another mobo?I don't have any.
    As I said in my previous threads in this forum the problem occurs in non-demanding games (except Oblivion which is very demanding when maxed out) so it could be a faulty power management in this card, as if it is trying to shut down some unneeded parts of the GPU, but instead it shuts down the whole GPU..Supporting this is the fact it stopped to turn off in Dead Space after I forced 16x AA & 16x AF in nVIDIA control panel and disabled Vsync to remove the FPS cap (which is the refresh rate of my screen)
    I know I'm not adding much to you, and I think there is only one thing that I did not try till now:updating the the VGA bios (you must have read about everything I tried so far above)
    To update the VGA bios you first have to download the newest version from GIGA-BYTE website (be careful; see the type of memory chips used by your card by inspecting them-mine is QUIMONDA- and download the bios version specified for them), then using the nvFlash utility or the Giga-byte utility (the latter being included in the support CD of your card, browse the CD to find it, and the bundled manual contains instructions to use it) backup the current bios and flash a new one.
    If this fails I'm afraid RMA is your only hope, cuz I tried so many things and they all disappointed me..On the other hand if you have any other ideas or solutions , I'll be glad to hear them.
    Thanx :)
  21. Chimpokomon,below are my specs, compare them to yours to see is there are more things in common.
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 Ghz @ 3.60 Ghz 1.44v, cooled by Zalman CNPS 9500 LED @ 2700 rpm.....ASUS P5KSE P35 @ FSB 1800 Mhz, northbridge cooled by Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II @5000 rpm.....OCZ Reaper Heat Pipe Conduit PC2-8500 2*2Gb @1080 Mhz, 2.2v.....Gigabyte 8800 GT 512 Mb @ 700-1700-920 Mhz, cooled by Zalman.....Maxtor 160 Gb 7200 rpm HDD.....FSP-Group Blue Storm II 500 watt.....Modded cheap Discovery case with 4*80 mm fans, multi-colored LEDs and air ducts.....Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64.....Latest drivers & Direct X version installed
  22. Earlier this morning I tried increasing the voltage of my card using Gigabyte Gamer HUD, but it made the porblem appears sooner (one minute after starting Oblivion), suggesting relation to a voltage irregularity in the custom PCB design of gigabyte, the reference design cards do net suffer from the same problem. So now I'm trying playing Oblivion after lowering the voltage to the lowest possible, till now the card did not turn off but I had the display driver not responding once ; and I don't know if it's related to the undervoltage or the same old problem or neither of them..
  23. I tried the latest bios..With NO BENEFIT
    How frustrating.
    I read about other cards e.g 9600 GT, 9800 GTX and 8800GT from different vendors e.g XFX, ASUS having the same problem. The factor common to all the systems mentioned is having a mobo with PCI-e v1, so ti might be just an incompatibilty issue (unfortunately I don't have the resources to test my card on a PCI-e v2 mobo) or it could be faulty ram on these cards..I guess I'll never know
    HELP!! Anyone!!
  24. same problem here on a gainward 9800 gtx+ on a asus p5ql-e
    the sad story: i bought a new computer because my old one ( an amd system with a 1950pro showed this problem and now my new system gives me the same problem.
    The only thing i took over from the old system was the monitor ( benq fp93gx ) and the dvi cable
  25. Surprisingly enough, My monitor is also BenQ (FP72E), the problem first manifested with a VGA (D-sub) cable with DVI to VGA adaptor bundled with the card, then I used an adaptor bundled with an ASUS GF8500 which caused errors immediately, finally I bought a DVI cable, and the problem didn't disappear. :??:
  26. im not at home for two weeks now, spending christmas holidays with my girlfriends family. last thing i did was a bios update for the mainboard and i had no more crashes after that, but due to the fact im not at home i couldnt test it over a longer period
    i will report back when im at home again
  27. Problem Solved....I think! :D
    I encountered an in-game frequent hanging and/or crashing problem in a new build with Radeon HD 4870, searched the net for a fix and ended up solving mine!
    Both problems seem to be caused by the GPU trying to switch from the clocks of 3D mode (700 ROP-1715 Shader-920 VRAM) to those of 2D mode (450-1200-700 in my case), this is a built-in feature meant to preserve energy when GPU power is not needed, problem is: the switch happens alot while games are running, especially "non-demanding" games, this explains why the "no signal" problem happens in those, as if the switch wants to take place but the whole graphics card is turned off for one reason or another.
    THE SOLUTION: To cut things short; I used rivatuner to set the clocks of all modes (3D, 2D and low-energy 3D) to those of 3D mode (700-1700-920), so technically now there is no switch! I made rivatuner apply these settings on windows startup to avoid repetition of the same steps. I tested the solution in an old game called "Singles: Triple Trouble", I used it because it used to make the problem appear within the first few minutes after its launch, and the problem is no more...till now at least. To reproduce the problem I defaulted the settings in Rivatuner while the game was still running ( by alt-tabbing) and OOPS!! the problem appeared almost immediately. What's left for me is playing Oblivion for a long period to confirm that everything is alright.
    Please if this fix helps you solve your problem let me know, so we can spread it across the forums to help everyone.
  28. Note: I needed to use the "Power User" page in rivatuner to increase the upper limit of core (ROP) clock in 2D mode because it was 675mhz (150% of the default value of 450) and I needed to set it to 700 (equal to the 3D mode clock). You may need to do the same.
  29. Hi,

    I wrote to Gigabyte and the y told me this:

    "The root cause of this problem is because of over-voltage protection mechanism on this VGA card. Some 3D games will cause this “over-voltage” symptom while AP is running. As we know, most of 8800GTS VGA cards do not have this protection mechanism, although the symptom where as the screen will suddenly disappear won’t happen but there is still a chance that the GPU will be damaged by higher voltages.

    Gigabyte has informed PC game S/W vendors about this and asked them to modify the S/W they provided to avoid the occurrence of “over-voltage”. Users may check if there are patches available for the game, but if the problem still persists after patching the game please contact your supplier/local distributors for further assistance on this issue."

    = No Solution Yet

    My No signal problem appear frequently while I am playing Lineage II.

    I think I am going to take my CPU to the technical support of the store where I bought my PC. I called them and They told me it may my CPU need to be cleaned. lol. After that I am going to ask to change my Graphic Card with the guarantee.

    I made a check of my RAM too, and everything is ok...

    MB Intel DP35DP
    Processor Intel Core Quad Q6600
    RAM Corsair 2*2GB GB XMS2 DHX 800MHZ
    HD Samsung 7200 RPM SATA
    Video Gigabyte GF8800GT NX88512HPV1

  30. Good Luck
  31. Hi again,

    I just downloaded the new driver of nvidia... I am installing this now... I hope this fix the problem... =P

  32. well i found out what my problem was. It seems that the signal was routed to my tv screen which is the secondary screen. My hair tuned gray before i found the solution to my my similar problem of "no signal detected" after updating my graphic drivers from nvidia.
  33. :non: Problem Not Solved !!
    Every solution suggested in this thread was tried and didn't work! Including the one I put under the "problem solved..I think" post. I was so frustrated then that I didn't have a motive to return to this thread and tell everyone it didn't work..
    Oh God please help me. :cry:
    CrazyFinn I don't know your problem and how you solved it..I have only one monitor attached to my graphics card and I installed every single driver version nVIDIA releasd (excluding the betas) and nothing seems to thouch the problem.
    The only work around that seemed to "decrease the insidence" of the problem is using Gigabyte Gamer HUD to disable 2D/3D optimization and reverting the card to nVIDIA's default of 600-1500-900 mhz and 1.05 v prior to playing the games known to reveal the problem, but obviously this is not the card I payed for!

    Help!! Anyone out there!
  34. i have vista 32 and a ASUS EN8800GT 512. My problem is still that when i upgrade my drivers for my graphiccard from Nvidia the signal are at the s-video cabel instead of the primary position to my computer screen. Every time after rebooting my system i'll have "no signal detected" and it's switched to the s-video out.

    I've also done all updates from nvidia and for no reason it begun to do this, i had a 8600 card then i thought i was broken somehow and bought the 8800 card. With the same results. My tips is to connect a tv to your s-video and check for a signal.
  35. Well I didn't try that. It sounds bizzare to have the signal diverted to the never used S-video in-game..But the NO VGA beeps of the mobo which appear after hard resetting the PC (after the problem, see the first post please) hints my problem is much deeper than yours. The currently accepted theory is the faulty voltage regulation when switching between the power modes.
    Thanks for your interest in my problem.
  36. My 9600gt does the same thing... and its the evga super clocked ssc edition
  37. RMA ASAP !
  38. ive been looking all over on google and there seem to be so many possibilities that can cause this problem with a whole bunch of tweaks and fixes. im still searchin for a solid one, once i find it ill up it here
  39. I'll be grateful.
  40. I upgraded my Video Card from a Gigabyte 8800GT (GV-NX88T512HP) Zalman cooler model the other which I never had any problems. My new video card I brought is Inno3d 275 GTX which I had the same poblems for about 2 weeks I would try to play Medal of Honor Airborne, I would start the game up and at the start of the game my monitor screen would go black and say "NO SIGNAL DETECTED", cut the story short the problem which I had, I was only using a 2 cable molex plug from my psu, I changed it to a 3 cable molex plug from my psu and I have had no trouble since, by the way my motherboard is a GIGABYTE P35, hope it gives you some clues
  41. Thanks for your kind help. So a power shortage was the cause in your case..Hmm..Is your GTX 275 factory overclocked? Does your problem appears in every game?
  42. Ok this may seem weird but it's what fixed the problem for me. For something else I was doing I had to enable showing hidden files on my comp, after that I forgot to set it back and started up dead space which seems to always give me no signal detected within minutes of game play, but this time it didn't. I've restarted the game and my computer multiple times just to be sure, and still haven't had the problem again after playing it for hours (great game btw). I'm not sure if it will work for you but its worth a shot. NVIDIA has also just released some new display drivers so make sure to snag those as well.
  43. Oh! Weird indeed! I always keep my hidden files shown..Or do you mean system files? As for the new drivers, it never took me more than few days to dll every version nvidia released since the day I bought this cursed card, inspite if the hard job I had , I was a resident doctor, I just completed my residency (aka intern) years.
  44. I have a similar problem although mine doesn't occur when I'm in a game.

    A few days ago I turned on my computer to meet that wonderful "No signal detected" message. I tried a few things before I plugged my video cable into my mobo, all of which didn't work. So I used my onboard video and looked in my device manager to see that it simply wasn't seeing my graphics card as being there at all. Later in the day I turned it on to find that my onboard video wasn't working anymore and for some reason my graphics card started working again (it's on auto-detect so it'll only have one or the other running at once). It worked again for a few hours, until I turned the computer off.

    After a day of looking about stuff online, I saw something about disabling the onboard graphics in the bios. I looked around and found no option to disable either of the video cards, but found an option to change it from auto-detected to detected both onboard video as well as my card, meant for multiple monitors. That worked all of yesterday. This morning it was working fine until while running my computer it randomly started changing resolutions, like my card was turning on and off. I reset my computer to find the video card doesn't work yet again.

    It's looking like it might be the pci-e v1 compatibility issue some were talking about, but changing that setting to read both video cards might help somebody's problem.
  45. @TehRhubarb:
    Thanks for posting. Do you have the same graphics card I have?
  46. any one have this same problem but also have issues coming out of sleep mode sometimes
  47. You know what fixed my issue,
    Could be either of these

    1. Removed any old drivers and Installed new ones

    2. Got a Surge Protector

    3. Cranked the fan speeds up

    4. Converted to a DVI Cable.

    5. Cleaned all dust

    I seem to believe that 2, was the reason
  48. Thanks for your help..I already have a UPS, which I guess must be enough
  49. I have the same problem avatar_raq. How did you solve it ?
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