CORE UNLOCKING Who's Tried ? .. What Joy ?

Thank You All, very much, for responding.


My name is Alvin Smith and I have been observing many purchases (and high expectations) of CORE UNLOCKER Mobos, over at the "Tom's New Build Forum", in recent weeks.

The "clients" who purchase these motherboards rarely (if ever) return to the New Build Forum to report their results.

This (OC) forum seemed the most likely place (on Tom's Forums, anyway) to (hopefully) find some of those owners, after the sale.

If you know (first hand) or have heard or read anything which might provide a modicum of statistical insight, regarding the frequency and the nature of "Unlock Success", then I, for one, would very much like to hear about it ... here.

In time, more product reviews will show up on Tiger and Newegg, and that might give us some idea of how I/We should set customer's expectations, regarding the likelyhood and extent, of unlocking success, given different "official" core counts and clock values, as well as "luckier mobos".

Please do let us know what you do (know about it).

Thank You All, VERY much, in advance.

= Alvin Smith =
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  1. Mr. Smith,

    I can tell you that the ASUS M4A78T-E will do unlocks and works well with BIOS 1402 and up. I personally am able to unlock my 720BE's fourth core, however, it is unfortunately non-functional. I hope you get more responses.
  2. hey mate, my rig is in the signature below.

    successfully unlocked my 550BE to a quad, and have been running it that way for a long time (probably about 8 months now).

    i think this thread will help you out a bit though:

    pretty high success rates over there ;)
  3. Thanks ... would like this thread to hang around and accumulate, however slowly.

    = Alvin =
  4. the M4A78-E (DDR2 variant of the T-E) can unlock

    also the Phenom II x4 810 can unlock the extra cache just fine
  5. To add to your responses - I have an X3 720 that was purchased from Newegg the first week of Dec. 09 - and have been running it with the fourth core unlocked since about 1 week after putting the system together (currently running @ 3,2 GHz. with all 4 cores) and have not had a single lock up or error from it the entire time !
  6. I just purchased a Phenom II X2 555 BE. On the ASUS M4A785-M, I was easily able to unlock the other two cores. All four cores pass stability tests, like Prime95. Not only was it a bargain, it is great fun.
  7. Athlon II X3 435, successfully and easily unlocked 4th core (just enable the "Core Unlock" from the bios without worrying too much on ACC setting), using MSI 770T-C45 with SB750 version (there is SB710 version). Able to OC 10% (since I'm not one of the greedy ones who wants to get all of the juice they can get) and lowering core voltage from 1.408 default to 1.372 and get min core temp 26C on an ambient temp 30C. So nice :-)
  8. Check my sig below to see the motherboard I have. It unlocked my Phenom II X3 720 BE without any issues. Pretty happy with it.
  9. I've unlocked an AMD Phenom II 555 too. Now it's X4 B55 and runs great.
  10. Now lets see you OC it and compare bencies :D
  11. I unlocked a X3 720BE to become X4 20 with an MSI 790FX GD70.
  12. Thanks, All, !! ... the tally continues ... will eventually cross-post.
  13. Bump ... keep it coming ... just came in here to cross-post this thread over to a thread on "New Build Forum" ...

    ... Wish I had more hard data !

    = Alvin =
  14. Another successful unlock with an X3 425 with an MSI 785GM-E51 AM3 AMD 785G motherboard. But the L3 cache did not unlocked.
  15. Anyone know how to OC individual cores of an unlocked x2 555 BE?
  16. Starges said:
    Anyone know how to OC individual cores of an unlocked x2 555 BE?

    Not completely sure but I believe if you set your ACC (Advanced Clock Calibration) to Per Core instead of All Cores - you can then adjust the individual cores using the -12%\+12% settings.
  17. Just built a rig and unlocked a 550BE on an ASUS 890gx with no probs - running at 3.7Ghz - more details and serial number here:
    Hope this helps
  18. nerrawg said:
    Just built a rig and unlocked a 550BE on an ASUS 890gx with no probs - running at 3.7Ghz - more details and serial number here:
    Hope this helps

    Just read your post and was wondering what games you are able to play without a gpu, and at what settings??
  19. Starges said:
    Just read your post and was wondering what games you are able to play without a gpu, and at what settings??

    Not many really - haven't tried - Writing a 20000 word continuation report for my PhD so if I actually manage to finish in time I'm gonna reward myself with a GPU setup and blast a sleep deprived and energy drink fueled week gaming :D Was gonna post my GPU ideas on another part of the forum, but since you asked I was thinking of spending max £150 on a GPU so over here in the UK the best I can find is a CF setup with 2 x 1gb 4850's for that price, any advice is welcome.
  20. 2x 4850 is ok But i think you'll get some added features with a 2x 5770 CF. With a 5xxx series card you get some extra features like dx11 and Eyefinity capability.
  21. Starges, nerrawg,
    The OP is not complaining about derailing this topic and I am not either. I just want to tell you that you get more points by opening up your own thread and even have the opportunity to select best answer for even more points...
    Just a tip...
  22. Why do I keep seeing iSamuelson as the last poster for this thread in the "My thread" page but when I click it I don't see his post. I did it over and over but I still don't see his post so I am posting this to see what happens.
  23. So, what happened after your post.....?

    Am i the last poster?
  24. Starges said:
    So, what happened after your post.....?

    Am i the last poster?

    I deleted my last post because I had double posted (already responded to this thread awhile back). Too many posts to remember! :pt1cable:
  25. Aha! So that's it... funny that even deleted posts still show in the "My thread..." as the last post...
  26. randomkid said:
    Aha! So that's it... funny that even deleted posts still show in the "My thread..." as the last post...

    Also, I believe my number of posts stays the same, but I will lose the points. :heink:

    Shouldn't my post count go down too? [:isamuelson:8]
  27. x2 550 unlocked to a B50 / Crosshair III (unlocks with any bios since Oct 09)

    CPU was purchased in July 26th 09, been running as an x4 daily @ 3.8Ghz..
  28. Lots of smiles, so far, and few if any tears ... Definately good to know.
    I think one guy said his L2 wouldn't unlock.
    Would also be interesting to know what combinations will and will not ...

    ... Also glad to hear that MSI mobo story ... is that a feature or a hack?

    ... Is Gigabyte using the 890GX in this way?

    Any hacks for older mobos ?

    = Alvin = (OP)
  29. .bmp

    ... if YOU have any experience at trying to unlock cores (good or bad), please post your testimony here ... on this thread.


    = Al =
  30. I have bought 2 ASUS M4A785-m motherboards and 2 Phenom II x 2 be 555 processors. I managed to have no real issues unlocking the first attempt for a tri-core with all auto settings ( ACC, Unleashed) and booted stable with 24 hour prime95 burn in. I even managed to OC it to 4.0 However for the second build, all four cores unlocked but are not allowing Windows 7 64 or any other OS for that matter to boot.

    I have changed the core overvoltage manually from first increment on up to 1.53 with no luck as of yet. I do notice that if I maunally pick the cores to used with unleashed mode on the best I can get is core 0 and core 2 to boot. I reset the bios back to default settings each time before any voltage increment changes.

    My questions as of now are:

    Has anyone with the Phenom II x 2 be 555 and M4A785-m had the same issue and if so what voltage and/or multipliers were used?

    The other question is when you change the Vcpu-nb voltages do you leave the vcore voltages on a specific voltage and re-evaluate each vcore increment?

    I've already spent 6-8 hours changing voltages and multipliers with no luck. Sometimes the system has to mock me by having the windows logo get all the way to the end before freezing.

    Any input here would be appreciated.
  31. I have tried unlocking cores on 4 AMD CPUs results:
    550BE x 2 unlocked to 4 core L3 cache there before overclocked to 3.7GHz
    x3 445 unlocked to 4 core and unlocked L3 cache was stable but not overclockable as 4 core so now running as a 3 core with L3 Cache at 3.6GHz
    x 3 445 unlocked to 4 core stable didn't try to overclock as used as some elses work machine.
    x 3 445 Would not boot unlocked regardless of voltage.
    The 550BE was done on an Asrock 880G Extreme 3 the Athlons using the cheapest board I could find the Asrock N68C-S UCC.
  32. I have a AMD Athlon II X3 445 unlocked the 4th core but no L3 cache on a Asus M4A87TD/USB3 motherboard. Slight OC to 3.42GHz.
  33. unlocked amd athlon x3 440 to phenom x4 with l3 ....mobo asus m4a78ltm..max temp ~42-45c .with hyper 212+
  34. Phenom II 555BE X2 unlocked to X3. Mild OC to 3.3 GHz on Gigabyte GA-870A -UD3 until aftermarket cooler and mosfet heatsink and higher wattage Antec TP650 PSU arrive. Stable for a week, including testing w/ 3Dmark06 and Vantage. I may fool with the voltage for an X4 configuration, but it hangs on startup with core 3 enabled, no matter if it is all four or just three cores, so it doesn't look good for getting four.

    3.82GHz on air w/ no voltage changes, 2400MHz NB, all three good cores, stable for over 1 week and counting and 15+ hours of Prime95 and OCCT. Idle around 31-32C and 51-52C at ~100% load.
  35. Thanks, for you reports !!

    Keep them coming ... good ... bad ... and ugly.

  36. I'll add :
    Athlon II x3 450 -unlocked 4th core but not stable
    Phenom II x 3 720 unlocked 4th core- stable and oc to 3.360
  37. thanx

    ... edit (add post-script) ...

    So, I got this eMail, today, ... One of those automated "jobbies" from THD Forums ...
    ... It asked, "Did you get your answer?" (to this thread) ...

    I guess, as long as there are cores to unlock, I'll attempt to keep this thread active (it isn't really that long and responses have been sporadic, but they do keep coming, on rare occasion).

    So far? ... It would seem the prospects are "hit and miss" but I *am* seeing a higher ratio of success than I originally surmised.

    How does this effect my recommendations, on the THG Newbuild Systems Forum ?

    Not much ... I mostly consult on Graphics and Scientific Workstation builds and those are not the sort of folks who would "buy short", and roll the dice.

    For a budget minded gamer ... or a young tinkerer ... yeah ... sure ... maybe buy the cheapest chip that will meet your reqs and hope you can "jack-the-juice", for a bit more oompah.

    Some of you have done it. ... I would even say "many". ... That's great, so long as you were not counting on it.

    My conclusion is that it is a nice way to add some value (in the form of hope), to a low-end "recreational" or student build.

    I would not (personally) let it influence my decision of which mobo, or proc, to buy ...
    ... But, *if* you just happened to buy a mobo and a CPU that are copesetic to experimentation ?

    WHY NOT (give it a go) ? !

    I mean ... In spite of the failures ? ... I have not heard even one single report of anyone smoking their mobo or frying their CPU, as a result ...
    ... The (cumulative) implication of these reports ?

    THERE IS NO PENALTY FOR TRYING ! ... If your attempt should fail ? ... It seems a dependable supposition that you WILL be able to revert to "advertised" factory spec settings and just enjoy the PROMISED performance.

    LONG term ? ... OC (especially agressive OC) is pretty much known to shorten the life-span of any given CPU ... especially if cooling is marginal (or inadequate). ... duh ... but I also believe that Moore's Law will provide a cheaper/better upgrade, before a properly OC'd chip will get toasted, so ? ...
    ... Just another good excuse to upgrade to that Dozer !

    I'm really just running my mouth, here, as YOU folks are the OC experts. Saying what SHOULD be obvious to anyone ... HERE ... but, from the perspective of noobster builders ? ... GTK !
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