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Hi Everybody Basically I Fixed This Computer And Reinstall Windows But It Seems Theres No Sound There Wasn't Sound Before Either Though but I Need a Sound Driver I Cannot Find It My Motherboard Manufacture is ASuSTeK Computer INC My Model Is P4B266 Windows XP With 32 Bit Service Pack 3 and If Anyone Can Help And Or Needs More Info About My Computer Let Me Know What You Need To Know Please Help I Need My Sound Back.
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  1. Check the device manager. Is there a conflict on your audio device? If yes, you'll want to uninstall that device, and reinstall the driver.

    If there's no conflict, you may just need to select your playback device in the control panel-->sounds application.
  2. Theres No Conflict in Device Manager And theres No Device to click For Playback and I Dont Have The Audio Icon In The Taskbar Either I Need The Driver And I Dont Know Where It Is But Other Than That Any Other Suggestions?
  3. Here's the link to the download section.

    You want the drive under the audio section, labeled:
    C-Media CMI8738/C3DX Audio Driver V2.88 for Windows XP Audio Driver
  4. Im Currently At School This Is My Free Bell But Im Preatty Sure I've Already Tried And I Downloaded The Driver I Ran The "Mixer" And I Dont Member About The Other 2 Things It Came With But It Didnt Help Because I Dont Even Have a Volume Device In The Device Manager For Example REalTek I Have Standard Volume Controls My Computer I Have Is Old But Im Preatty Sure i Have a Sound Card Because I Member Having Sound In The Past When I Get Home I Can Tell u What I Have In The Device Manager Under Volume Thanks For The Help Though.
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