Good idea to use Windows XP or Vista 64-bit with e8500 or Q9650 CPU?

Are either of the e8500 or Q9650 CPU true 64-bit CPUs?

My friends bought new PCs with those processors, and since 64-bit Operating Systems allows you to use more RAM (rather than 4 GB or less for 32-bit OS), I thought it would be a good idea if they used a 64-bit OS.

I heard that using 64-bit OS for 32-bit applications (or was it 32-bit CPU?) is bad, because the 64-bit OS will use an emulator for the 32-bit thing, and make things slower.

So, is it a good idea to use a 64-bit OS for either the e8500 or Q9650 cpu?

Thanks for any info.
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  1. Vista 64 with alot of ram is the way to go. Do not worry about that entire 32bit apps on 64bit OS.

    As far as the the true 64bit cpus. Um. There is only one true 64 bit cpu. The Itanium. All the rest are x86-64. An argument could me made with Intel vs AMD in 64 bit environment.

    Unless for some reason a app that you want run just wont run on vista64(like old 16bit apps I think) then there is really no reason to get vista32 over vista64. I would stay away from xp64.
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