Wha CPU cooler

what cpu cooler for i7 930 and plan on overclocking to around 4.0ghz
Thermaltake Armor+MX Mdi Tower
ASUS p6t motherboard
Dual 5770's in Xfire
1000w PSU
6GB KIT GSKILL Ripjaws 1600mhz
1TB Spinpoint HDD
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  1. Here is a link to a recent Tom's Hardware article with useful information about 10 popular cpu heatsinks:


    I know the article states Intel LGA 1156 heatsinks but just about all of them are also compatible with Intel LGA 1366 cpu's

    Here is a link to a very good web site with more useful information about cpu heatsinks that will help you make an informed decision:


    You can use the Google embedded search feature at the web site to find more information about heatsinks for specific cpu sockets.
  2. Here you have another one:


    I would Choose the Prolimatech Megahalems (with 2x Silverstone FM123 or 2x Yate Loon D12SH-12 ) or the Noctua NH-D14.
    The THERMALRIGHT IFX-14 is very good too, but it's a bit old and it's not easy to find it.
  3. ended up buying a gigabyte x58a ud7 and what an impressive motherboard with the cooling provided when i saw it i had to have it. Got home installed it ran the cabling and am just waiting on my cpu and ram to arrive to put it in.
    My question is if i buy a Xigmatek Dark Knight will i have to remove the motherboard to mount it???
    this is what i am thinking about buying as im opting for a quiet cpu cooler
    if your thinking this is expensive i am in Australia
  4. Unless you have a cutout in the motherboard tray below the CPU socket, you will need to remove the motherboard.
  5. cooler master hyper 212 plus. about $30. alot cheaper than other alternatives and amazing.
  6. ended up buying a xigmatek dark knight impressive cooler and cutting out a few holes in the mobo tray i have to say it was worth it how little cables are visible now that i ahve them all sleeved. also my cpu sits at 35c and 43C when playing crysis. Then couldnt help myself buying a thors hammer as it was at an unbelievable price with two 120mm fans included am going to install it next week
  7. Frostytech actually rated the Thor's Hammer worse than the Dark Knight... Of course, they also used a single 1300rpm Scythe fan on the Thor's Hammer cause it didn't used to come with a fan at all.

    I'm interested in the outcome. Though, I tend to think the 3 extra heatpipes are too high on the base to have any effect other than blocking airflow through the fins... I dunno. That cooler has always confused me :)
  8. im sure the extra fan on the back end will make a difference. My old man has it running in his I7 860 and it runs consistantly alot cooler than mine
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