Amd 955 overclocking cooler

Hey i got the amd 955 black edit i got the coolermaster v8 now i dont no if i shud buy the H-50 form corsair eny one no how it run and how cool it will make my cpu ??? right now my temps are 36 idel 41 load 3.2 @ 3.6 i will take it to 4.0 ghz later i hope

thx :hello: :hello:
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  1. I woud't buy it. Yours is good enough.
    Noctua NH-D14 is a better option if you want the best.
  2. Your current temperatures are very good. There is no need to change anything.
  3. itd just if i put it up 20 4.0 ghz then it will overheat in a sec
  4. 41C on load @ 3.6 is pretty darn good temps. Anyway, you're just gonna have to take it in steps and spend time tweaking if you want to reach your maximum overclock. You may not reach 4.0GHz without a more aggressive cooler, it just depends on your sample, but if you get around 3.9GHz it wouldn't be worth it to buy a new cooler just for an extra 100MHz.
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