EVGA GeForce 9800 GT SuperClocked Makes earsplitting squeal upon boot

Well, I recently bought the video card stated in the title, and after
installing the card itself (I haven't put the supplemental power cable
in yet) and booting the computer I get a nasty high pitched squeal, and
nothing comes up on the moniter.

Heres the sound itself (might want to have your hand on the volume dial.)
Click here

When it fades out at the end its because I pulled the computers power.
I have a feeling its caused by the capacitors, as I tried searching with
google and found similar events that other people have been having.

Any help with this would be appreciated.
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  1. Sounds like you didn't plug in the 6 pin pci-e power for the graphics card. The card is complaining because it doesn't have enough power to run.
  2. Oh, you even state that you didn't put it in... Well... Put it in!
  3. Doh!
  4. "Doh!" Indeed.

    I had to swap my current power supply with another I had lying around, as my old one only had 250 watt output. My new one has 425 watts though.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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