I have a question about Windows 7.

I have a WD Black 640 with windows 7 on it. I want to purchase a SSD and put Windows 7 on it and use the 640MB Drive for storage.

Do I need to purchase another Windows 7 license? Or do I just use the disk I have? It doesn't have any more licenses on it.

I'm guessing that people just make an image of the drive?

Please guide me thru what to do here.

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  1. You should NOT need another license! :bounce:

    You'll just install Windows to the SSD, and set up the other drive for storage, as you want.

    New hard drives should't violate the EULA, but the Windows OS is tied to your CPU/mobo set up. (There is alot of information out there about Microsoft End-User-License-Agreements, and what you can change, before needing a new license.)

    I just did the same last week! Installed Windows to my new SSD, and used the other drives I had for storage. See my post:

    SSDs and RAID: Which and what to do ;)
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