What processor can i buy for my asus a8v

i have a alienware area 51 with a asus a8v motherboard but i want to change the processor how do i find out what processor will be compatible with my motherboard having trouble please help cheers j
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  1. Make sure what model of A8V you have (there is the A8V, A8V Deluxe, A8V-E Deluxe, ...) and check this site: http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-ASUS/index.html

    Basically you need a Socket 939 CPU and they are no longer being manufactured. You might be able to find some in stores and/or eBay. I would consider changing the whole PC.
  2. I have a 4200 and a 3800 you can buy at a outrageous price :)
  3. a year ago, i was able to get the 4200x2 for £43 shipped from the usa.
    there are still some great bargains on the s939's out there.

    u justhave to look
  4. Why do you want to change the processor? Is it because you want a faster processor or want to go dual core?
  5. opteron 185 is as good as it gets
  6. its a ASUS A8V DELUXE so any ideas what processor i need
  7. i want to go dual core or as fast as possible
  8. The best you can hope for is an Athlon 64 X2 4800+ or Opteron 185, but you might have to pay 100-200$+ for them on Ebay as nobody seems to have them in stock anymore.

    Given that for ~400$ you could probably build a new low-end, but still better, PC (that would be further upgradable), I would just consider changing the whole thing.
  9. is there no way i can get dual core also is the fx53 anygood
  10. ohhh sorry it is dual core
  11. Both are dual core processors, the 4800+ runs at 2.4GHz and the Opteron 185 runs at 2.6GHz. The FX-53, however, is a single core processor; the FX-60 is dual core at 2.6GHz and also supported by your board.

    All these CPU upgrades might require latest BIOS update to work, make sure you update before changing CPU.
  12. how do i update the bios settings and is it pretty straight forward to install the processor
  13. also if i was to buy a new pc what would you recommend i use it mainly for music production but it uses alot of cpu and has to be windows my budget would be about 300/350 pounds or would it be easier to build my own if so how would i find out what components are compatible if that makes any sense
  14. Updating a BIOS is relatively easy, just look in your motherboard's user manual, there should be instructions on how to do it.

    Changing a CPU isn't tough, but can require some time. Depending on your casing, you might have to remove the whole motherboard to get enough room to change the CPU and that can be the complicated/timely part. Other than that, you just have to release the HSF retention mechanism, remove it, release the CPU retention mechanism, remove it, put the new CPU, set the retention mechanism, put the new HSF, set the HSF retention mechanism. It can take about 15 minutes for someone with experience. If you are reusing the same HSF (make sure it is good enough for your CPU), you might have to clean the base and apply new thermal paste.

    For a new system, just put a new post on the "Homebuild" forum and people will give you tons of suggestions. Just tell them what you plan on doing, what components you currently have (some could be reused to save some $$$).

    For your needs, something like a 5200+ (60$) or 5400+ (70$), a 780G MB (80-90$), 4GB RAM (35-50$), a good PSU (70$) and, if needed, Vista 64 Home Premium (100$). So we are talking ~250-280$USD without OS and ~350-380$USD with OS. Not sure of the UK prices, but this gives you something to start from in the homebuild forum.
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