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First off, is the price of SSDs likely to come down more steeply in the coming year or are we going to see the same sort of slow, gradual decline as we have so far? Hopefully people with knowledge of the industry peruse these forums.

I plan to build a new rig in the next few months, and if a big price drop is approaching, I'd like to know about it. ... this might just be wishful thinking but if anyone out there can fill me in, please do!

My second question is about reliability, how do SSDs, (say, from Kingston) compare with conventional disc drives in general?
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    Question 1: No, there aren't any real big price drops that would happen anytime soon. For example, Intel's SSD are still in short supply which keeps the prices higher than they should be. There may be a price drop, but it would surely for older MLC drives, and imho some of the older drives really aren't worth their cost.

    Question 2: People and manufacturer's say that it should last a few years, but SSD's aren't really old enough for us to determine how much more reliable they are.
  2. I am planing to build a new box in June. I have been keeping a eye out on the price of the intel g2 80gb drive and have seen it drop in price since December from around $260. (with limited availability) to now with sale prices of $219. and more availability. I will order my drive at the same time I order all the parts I need. Who knows they may have a g3 by then if I am Lucky.
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