External USB hard drive clicking. Chkdsk says it's fine

I have a Lacie hard drive which is making a loud clicking noise, so I ran Chkdsk to see if anything was wrong and it didn't report anything on the surface scan. Been going on for the past couple months. Is this something I should worry about? It clicks louder than my old WD Raptor hard drives.
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  1. Is it just making that noise when it is accessing a file? It could just be a very loud head movement. Or is it clicking all the time? That would be more worrisome.

    chkdsk just tells you if the logical file structure is OK. It doesn't look at the mechanism of the disk.

    As long as it's not the only copy of your data, I'd say keep using it if it works.
  2. Not sure, but I just copied a file for fun, and it was clicking pretty loudly. I have another 1 TB Lacie drive and when accessing files it never clicks. You can hardly hear it.
  3. Well, hard drives are mechanical. Loud noises could be an indication of something wrong, but I can't tell from here.

    If it's a little irritating but you can live with it, just make sure files are backed up. If it's in warranty, maybe contact the manufacturer and see if they'll swap it out for you.
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