Built new allround system but very low score!!! plz help

Hi everyone,

just yesterday I build my new allround system. It's stable and on the surface it seems smooth. But then when I run
3dmark06 to test my system/setup I get a very low score. I should be getting around 8500- 10000 with my system but I can't seem to score higher than 6500 :S and this really worries me because its too low!

Here are my system specs:

cpu: intel q9300 2,5 ghz stock speed
mb: MSI X48C platinum (x48 chipset)
mem: OCZ platinum edition 2gb ddr2 800mhz
gfx: evga 8800gs ddr2 384mb ddr2
psu: zalman 600 watt
hdd: western digital raptor 160gb 10k
opt: samsung dvd-burner
os: windows vista ultimate x64 sp1

I dont know whats wrong and why im getting these low scores, I get the feeling that something
is causing a bottleneck effect but I dont know what exactly. Could someone please help me out ?
Getting desperate atm :( PLZ help :cry:
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  1. Well, the 8800GS is the first thing to jump out at me.

    If you bought that and the Raptor at the same time, that would be a mis-allocation of funds :p

    Be sure to get the latest drivers from MSI.
  2. Yeah I know, I got the hd raptor cheap thats why.
    I' m pretty sure all the drivers are installed.. but im getting the same score (btw my card is ddr3 not ddr2)

    My individual scores are:

    sm2: 2537
    sm3: 3137
    cpu: 1840

    about 6500 total

    http://img518.imageshack.us/img518/2327/3dmark06lf4.th.jpghttp://img518.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif ss

    I dont know whats wrong :(
  3. HHmmm I'm doing some research and found this:

    my motherboard starts the cpu with the following:


    on the left is the picture of the site, and on the right you see my specs of my cpu ... why are my core clocks lower ... is that the problem ? is it bottlenecking my gpu ? o.O ???
  4. I have no idea why your FSB is at 166.

    Perhaps your MB needs a BIOS update to recognize the CPU. You can go into BIOS and manually set the BIOS to use a Front Side Bus frequency of 333... if that results in problems you'll need to flash the BIOS though.
  5. I went into my bios but my fsb speed says 333mhz there :S
    I dont know how to change settings in my motherboard bios ...
    Btw the strange thing is when I try to change the speed I cant, I have to enable or disable something else first
    http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=proddesc&prod_no=1393&maincat_no=1 this is the card's link
    I have a special option in my bios called 'cell core' or something to change speeds and to overclock, I also have DOT dynamic overclocking tool but that is disabled
  6. http://forum.msi.com.tw/index.php?topic=120753.msg911994#msg911994

    Here is your answer. Check MSI for a new BIOS update, since that post... if there is none.... I dunno. RMA I guess, but that's no guarantee.
  7. yeah looks like a bad proc. only running half on a core thats crazy
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