new gfx card, or keep 8800gt? [RESOLVED]

hi, im in the middle of getting my new rig. so far ive got these parts:

raidmax sagitta 2 case :D
abit ip35 off limit dark raider
8800gt 1gb - from my current rig

so im thinking of getting a new card and use this 8800gt in another pc. ive been looking at 9600gt's and 9800gt's, but ive been reading there is literally no difference from the 8800gt.

what should i do, put this 8800gt into my new rig, or get another? im only willing to pay upto around £75 / $111

your thoughts please, thanks.
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  1. i'd say you should keep it because the 9800gt is a 8800gt, thier exectly the same, and the 9600gt is less powerful then a 9800gt which is a 8800gt. What you could do is save up for the 260gtx or get another 8800gt and run sli if your mobo supports it
  2. I'd say just save up for the 260GTX, the prices are dropping quite a bit now.
  3. you wont fit 260 in that case w/ hard drive cage. i had that case and i upgraded to antec 12k
  4. If your an nvidia man wait tll the next gen of cards come out, the next ones will be reslly good.The upgrade our suggesting wont help that much.If you have to buy a card now get 4850 or 9800gtx+,To see a real diff.
  5. i dont need to get a new card, i just figured if i could get one better then my 8800gt i would, im not going to be running sli as ive just abandoned my p5n-e sli board for that abit ip35. i think i will just wait then and use this 8800gt, which is a very good card.

    thanks everyone
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