RAID Options for Video Editing Setup

I've got two 1 Tb Hitachi deskstar drives and I was thinking about setting them up in RAID 0 for faster hard drive performance for home video editing.

I probably don't need 2tb of storage (yet). it possible to do the following:

- partition the drives to say 400 GB and 600 GB,
- set up the RAID 0 across the two 400 GB drives (which are physically two separate hdds) to make a fast 800 GB working drive for editing video files and,
- set up the two 600 GB drives in RAID 1 to have a 600 GB drive for my OS, general storage, etc.?

Is there another raid set-up that would provide better performance (with only two drives) and provide some measure of redundancy?

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  1. RAIDNoob,

    It sounds as if your plan will work well. I've planned on keeping RAID-1 and RAID-0 drives in separate sets meaning four hardrives. It's my opinion that the primary reason for RAID use on a video editing workstation is fast I/O. The OS and all pre-edited and post edited video files should be backed up and stored on 2 removable drives for various reasons (fault tolerance, security, mobility to friends house). The OS is backed-up as an image not an install for easy restore. I'm thinking of purchasing 3 RAID-0 SAS disks configurations, 6 disks total.
    This will give my workstation boot and application speed, a source and desitnation for video files. No SSD to burnout down the road.
    I don't think the paging file will bog down things no-matter where you put it.
    We video editors like to buy the hardware RAM (8 or 12Gb) for our workstations so that the paging file will remain small on the hardrive.

  2. if you are going to put a raid 1 and a raid 0 on the same physical drive, if you use the raid 1 partition at all while you are doing video work on the raid 0, the drive heads are going to be flying all of the place, and you will lose some of your speed benefit. Maybe for occasional home editing, that's not a huge deal though
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