ASUS P5QLD PRO and E6300 OC help

Recently my friend bought E6300 wolfdale and ASUS p5qld-pro and i suggested him to OC to 4.2ghz (400x10.5) 1600fsb
But problem is that the PC starts a bit late after pressing power button even on 1333fsb (3.6ghz) same problem happens. I thought it was PSU problem so i told him to take out the GPU (4850) but still same problem persists, so problem is not Corsair CX400 PSU but some other which i am not being able to makeout. SO kindly help us.

HIS system is

2gb ddr2
Pentium dual core E6300
(400x10.5) 1.42v (both north bride and cpu)
HDD 1X500GB Western digital Caviar blue
XFX Radeon 4850 512mb ddr3

Thank you freinds
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  1. Exactly what is the system doing? You are not very clear.
  2. i ve mentioned the problem in 2nd line
  3. raza715 said:
    ...the PC starts a bit late...

    Starts a bit late? As jsc said, be more clear. If you mean that there is a delay before the fans spin or anything after pressing the power button, then it's normal for some motherboards.
  4. i mean system responds with delay after pressing button. I too think its normal because my system does same thing too but its stable. I asked you guys just because my friend was confused as he is new in OC world.
  5. It's perfectly normal, even for non-OC'ed boards. Just tell him that it's giving him time to reconsider turning it on. ;)
  6. Thank you friends for replies
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