Swapping out hard drives in a raid 1 configuration

I have 2 WD 1TB green drives in a raid 1 configuration. I understand that these drives are not designed for a raid array and may fail. I am going to replace them with WD RE3 1TB drives. Can I replaced the drives one at a time? Will the system rewrite all the info to the new drive and then swap the other drive? The raid controller is intel hardware on a Asus motherboard. The OS is windows 7 64bit professional.

Also another question I am using CPUID software to monitor temps. It show the temp of my external esata hard drive but not the internal drives? There is something about using smart????? to monitor the internal drives?? where is this software available and is it used with CPUID?

Thanks Ron
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  1. Install the latest version of Intel Matrix Storage Manager - search for Intel Matrix Storage Manager, then the latest XP version, should be FEB 2010, you should be able to swap-out on of the old green HDDs and rebuild the volume from the remaining one to the new RE-1 HDD.
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