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I re-installed windows xp and my 250gb HD said it only had 127Gb's. this happend with my other HD too, anyone know what the problem may be? Thanks in advanced
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  1. You will need a Windows XP SP1 or higher CD; the original XP does not support drives larger than 128GiB/137GB.

    You can slipstream you existing XP cd with a service pack so it is integrated; or just install the service pack and then expand your current C: drive to use the additional space. This can be done in the Start->right click My Computer->Manage->Disk Management screen and should be done after having installed SP1 or higher and rebooted.
  2. Been there, done that! :bounce:

    What is your motherboard? Seeing that you re-installed Windows XP, I think this is the issue.

    Motherboards made before 01/01/2003(?) do not support the 48-bit LBA, to reconize hard drives larger than the 137GB limit:

    Some manufacters have a BIOS update, that would then support larger hard drives.

    You did not partition is as such, right? Just lost 123GB?

    You have some choices:

    1. Leave it as it is. Loose all the extra space. :(

    2. Some hard drive manufactures have a "patch" (i.e. Western Digital Smart Drive) to overcome this limit. I used this on my old 486DX machine in the 90's that would only support up to 2.1GB, and I had a 2.5GB drive. It just partioned the drive into 2150MB and 400MB. (This is a software fix, for a hardware problem.)
    3. Get a new motherboard, to support large hard drives, and your current CPU. ($$)

    4. Get an add-on drive controller card to support larger hard drives. I think these can overcome the motherboard onboard controller limit. (Research it, via online retailers.)

    4. My suggestion: Get a 120GB hard drive, for now. ($$).

    BUT, having just "bing-ed" the 48-bit LBA, I found this:

    Did you install Windows XP SP1 or higher? That is what the site is getting too.

    GO there first! :bounce:
  3. Yes i installed my XP cd that didnt have sp1. Installed all SP's and sub mesa's suggestion worked for me. Thanks guys!!
    Motherboard, Gigabyte 6-quad series/S-series Ultra durable 2
  4. Well, even I learned something here! ;)

    I did not know about the GB limit on Windows XP, until SP1!

    Great info sub mesa! Again!
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