MB graphics card compatibility issue?

I have an Asus M3N78 Pro MB and an Asus EN9800GTX+ DK graphics card and a 700 watt PS. When I turn on the computer nothing happens, no beeps, nothing. It doesnt even recognize the keyboard. If I put in a regular PCI graphics card it boots up fine. I sent it back figuring it was a faulty PCI-E slot but when I got the new MB I have the same problem. Any suggestions? I also must add that I put the graphics card in another machine and it works fine so it isnt the vid card
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  1. I should be compatible, try a different PS, maybe yours is faulty.
  2. 1 correction to my origional post, the power supply is an Ultra (brand) 650 watt
  3. If it does nothing, no noise, fans or lights then your power supply is dead.
  4. Fans come on, just no beeps and the keyboard doesnt light up so I cant even get into safe mode or bios. If I put a regular PCI graphics card in the system boots up just fine but when the PCI-E graphics card goes in, thats when the trouble begins. I'm beginning to think I might need a bigger power supply.
  5. Try with one stick of ram. remove all unnecessary hardware. try again. if same problem it might be a short somewhere or the psu is dead. recheck all psu connection are fully plugged in and to the correct place.
  6. I know the PSU is not dead as I have it in an older rig atm and it works just fine, as far as having a bad connection somewhere, I have had everything apart and back together probably 10 times checking and rechecking. Its quite puzzling
  7. Have you run memtest? check if your ram is ok.

    Maybe it is a strange 1 in 1,000,000 incompatibility issue.
  8. Hmm that I have not done and honestly im not even sure how to do that. Ill try doing what you suggested with 1 stick of RAM and without any unnecessary hardware. Maybe I'll just buy some new RAM as I wanted to upgrade and get more when I got this thing running anyway. You dont seem to think that it is a power supply issue then? 650w should be plenty? I think it was the Asus site that had a PS calculator and they only recommended 550w for my setup. I have been struggling with this for weeks so any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. If it runs with the other pci gpu, then most likely it is the psu. 650 is more than enough for your system but it might be bad. 500 would easily run your setup. Can you find another one to test with?

    If you decide to replace it. go with a quality brand like corsair, pc power and cooling, ocz. 550 to 650 range.
  10. Yes, my wife has either a 500 or 550w (I cant remember)Antec ps in her computer and I pulled it out and put it in mine and got the same results. Maybe it is the memory thing. I have been tossing around the thought of putting in a new PS or trying a different MB but times are tough,obviously, and all of these components I have are new and ill take a loss on whatever I replace. I took it to the neighborhood computer shop and he tested the PS and it was good, he pulled the Nvidia PCI-E video card out and put in some off brand card in a regular PCI slot and the system booted fine so he came to the conclusion that it was a bad PCI-E slot. I sent the MB back to Newegg and got a new one (same model) and I have the same results. this is very frustrating
  11. memtest86

    it's free, you just burn the iso and boot from it.
  12. Antec is also a very good brand of PSU.

    The psu might have tested ok, meaning it turns on, but it it is not putting out a steady current you get problems.
  13. Ok, so if it gave the same results with the Antec PS, would you still recommend replacing my current PS, running the memory test and taking it from there? I guess its a process of elimination, I just hope it doesnt end up costing me another 3 hundred bucks =/
  14. If you get the same problem with the antec psu then it is not the psu and yours should be ok.

    After testing psu, test the ram, if that doesn't work then pull out the bios battery for a few minutes then put it back in to clear the cmos.
  15. Ok tyvm, now I have a project to work on when I get home from work. Thank you very much for all of your time and effort.
  16. 1 question caniba....how do I run the memtest if the computer doesnt boot at all or do I test the ram on my other machine that is running. What I bought was a new mobo, vid card and psu and im using all other components from my old machine ie: cpu,hard drive, ram, etc. So if I test the ram in the machine that runs, that probably wont tell me what I need to know or will it? Im not exactly sure how this works.
  17. you would need to run it with the pci vid card you said that works in the system. Or if the ram is compatible with your working system, yes you could put the ram in there to run the test.

    I think though after reviewing what you are describing is more likely a psu problem or a bios problem.
  18. Well I have success, I think it was just a matter of popping out the bios battery or a bad usb card that I had put in there to have 4 extra usb plugs. At any rate I owe you many thanks, now I have to load drivers and hopefully enjoy playing Age of Conan tonight. Thank you again I really appreciate all of your help.
  19. Awesome. Have Fun!
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