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Hey everyone, looking for some insight on how to fix a problem I've encountered with Oregon Trail 5, running on Windows XP Pro machines. On some (but not all) of 10 identical machines, the game display is too tall for the monitor. Therefore, it's cutting off both the top and bottom of the screen. You can get to the menu if you push the mouse to the top and click until you get the right one, but that's not really an acceptable solution. Also, in some cases, while the program is open and you click high up and it switches to the desktop, when you go back to the program through the taskbar, it's fine. Again, a workaround, but not really acceptable.

Here are the things I've tried... none have fixed the problem.

-change resolution (everything from 800x600 on up to the native 1440x900 (or whatever the native resolution is)
-made sure that the dps is set to Normal (some were set to 120/Large)
-uninstall/reinstall display driver
-uninstall/reinstall monitor driver
-change the graphics setting from full screen, and back again
-reinstalled program
-rebooting after changing all of the above (not all at once wink )

There is no option of modify the graphics within the program. Zoom doesn't fix this, as it's only the top/bottom that are out of view.

Any ideas? These are all Windows XP Pro machines, and the students are logged in to a domain (though I don't know how this could affect as the local machine can be changed by administrator independently).

Thank you in advance for your input! Much appreciated!

Forgot to add - running in compatibility mode's various options didn't help. And no other programs are experiencing any problems.
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  1. Your problem is that game switches into 640x480 video mode no matter what the desktop setting is. Most monitors do not come calibrated for that old mode, so you will need to adjust each monitor to display the whole screen. Some monitors have an auto calibrate option, or you will need to adjust the vertical and horizontal size and position manually.
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