4870X2 + 8.12 + Warhead = FTW

So.... just installed 8.12, and to any doubters still out there, these things rock. (at least for Crysis). I loaded up the first mission, DX10 mode, every sinlge slider to 'enthusiast' PLUS 4X Antialiasing, and it is more than playable. Getting from mid 20's to high 40's, averaging at about 34 fps. Yes that's right, Enthusiast plus 4XAA.
1920X1200...of course.

In case you are wondering this is the rig im using:

Asus 4870X2 (800/925)

E8400 @ 3.8 Ghz

4GB Mushkin DDR2

Asus P5E X38

Zalman 850W

Raptor 150

BTW I will be trying out Clearsky and some other titles shortly. Here is a delicious pic that you can salivate over.

Any other people finding great gains with these drivers?
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  1. BTW, just ran Clear Sky for a few mins just to get an idea of overall performance and I am totally blown away. Using DX 10.1 , ALL sliders to max (Even view distance, I mean EVERYTHING) WITH 4XAA, I am getting upper 40's fps.

    When I took this gorgeous screenshot it was at 47fps.

    I love the God rays in the morning, but this afternoon shot just looks so crisp. I LOVE THESE NEW DRIVERS!

  2. yer i can do that on my 9600GT... :lol: who needs anything bigger than a 19" WS anyway? :D
  3. Made some saves in warhead in areasd where the fps dives with the 8.11 driver, loaded up 8.12 and Im getting like 5-6fps more. Seem good all-round as far as I can see.

    4870 512mb, 2gb ddr2-800, e6300@3.0ghz, win xp 32
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