Leadtek 260GTX not recognised by driver


I have been setting up a new system, but ran into problems.

Here is the basic setup.

Xp sp3 fully updated.

Leadtek 260GTX Extreme+ graphics card.

Gigabyte motherboard.

When xp starts im informed that it has noted a new 3d graphics card. However, when i run the Leadtek driver software, it informs me, that the hardware is not leadtek and stops the install.

I have also tried running the Nvidia driver package, but that does not recognise the card as nvidia.

At this stage im considering a fault in the graphics card.

Have anyone been through similar problems?
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  1. First of all, its GTX 260 not 260GTX. I will stop this :)

    Secondly, don't use the crappy drivers on the included CD... go onto the nVidia website and choose GTX 260 from the drop down menu. you should get 180.48 drivers. download and install them. I don't see what could go wrong.
  2. It seems that you were able to guess the true meaning of my post. Although it has nothing to do with my problem.

    If you actually read the rest of my post, you will find, that I already have tried with the Nvidia driver.

    Still no luck.
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