AM2+ CPU running in an AM3 mobo with DDR2?

Hello everyone,

I am looking to perform an update to my Motherboard and Power supply. I am currently running an AMD X2 6400 CPU with an AM2/AM2+ MOBO and 4GB of DDR2800. Im looking to upgrade to a board that has AM3 socket support as well as DDR3 (preferably DDR3 1600) but would like to still be able to run my AM2+ CPU along with my DDR2 800 RAM on the new AM3 MOBO, then upgrade to all AM3/DDR3 in the future, all on the same MOBO...

Can anyone help me in determining if this is feasable with the current tech between AM2+/AM3 and DDR2 and DDR3?

The Motherboard I am currently looking at purchasing is:

Thank you all greatly in advance for your assistance!

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  1. Ddr2 and ddr3 are not interchangable. Amd boards using ddr3 may require a bios flash to get rid of any minor issues. I would go with an am2+ board with ddr2 slots. There is a new msi board coming out with ddr2 and ddr3 slots, a first for amd cpus. Don't remember where the article is, but the board is pricey. The board model is the msi 790gx 8d with 4 ddr2 and 4 ddr3 slots.
  2. Nope you can not put a AM2 CPU in a AM3 socket. AM3 MB only support AM3 CPU. Now if you have a AM2+ MB they will support AM3 CPU (as long as the MB manufacture provides a bios update if needed.) You just have to look a MB CPU support list provided on the manufacture website. example of the support for the MB you listed is found here
  3. Thank you o1die. This helps.

    I was hoping that the AM3 socket and DDR3 memory slots would back-step to operate at AM2+ and DDR2 operating frequencies/tech.. Ahh the life to the tech industry, its like pissing in the wind.

    So by this being said, I guess im stuck with the AM2+ CPU and DDR2 tech and will have to catch up with DDR3 and AM3 in later months, unless any other methods arrive.

    Thanks again,
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