I think I might have just fried my board?


I just went to switch my machine on, and I got a zap from the power switch - it's very dry here, static buildup on me I guess :(

Now, my machine will not boot.

The power switch on the case simply won't work at all and I've now disconnected it from the board. I've tried hitting the power switch directly on the motherboard - but still no go. I've also tried shorting the pwr pins.

When I use the PSU power switch, the system begins to start (which I don't think it used to), the motherboard lights up, the CPU fan spins up, 1-2 seconds later, it shuts down though the motherboard lights remain on as normal. I've tried clearing the CMOS to no effect.

The blue LCD display at the back of the board (this is an Asus Striker Extreme) is also corrupt I think - When I flip the PSU switch as above, characters I can't make out appear, then the display flashes 4 times, that is when the shutdown happens. But to be honest, I've never looked at that display before now, so I've got no idea what it should say :)

Any ideas? Or should I just resign myself to buying a new board?

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  1. I would try a bare post on a phonebook. When you reseat the ps connections, you might get lucky. Connect the keyboard and mouse, but not any optical or hardrives.
  2. you sure you didnt just trip the kill switch on ur power strip? lol, i'm not trying to be a jerk, i've traveled 2 hours to someones house who claimed the thing was happening to them, it turns out the power brick was disabled...
  3. Right, it's dead, no doubt about it.

    Thanks o1die - I'd pretty much tried that.

    Jonpaul - I doubt it'd light up and spin fans without power :)
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