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Hey guys,

Normally I take someone elses build and buy those parts and build it, Its worked OK in the past but sometimes the little changes end up hosing me.

What im looking for is a build with the newer i7 chip.

This system will be mainly a gaming platform but i also use it to run movies, design in cad and of course web apps.

I'm looking for the 1500.00-1800.00 range but its only a guideline not a constraint.

so MOB, chip (i7), mem, PS, Case (roomy tower case with lots of room for hose routing), water cooler and access.

I like the performance of High end video cards but have had bad luck with the expensive ones so I tend toward older models with good performance. Cause it realy hurts to have a 800.00-1200.00 Vid card go south on you and have the manufacturer leave you hanging.
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  1. Go with a Quality Vendor such as EVGA or XFX.
    They back their warranty.
  2. EVGA is the best i've seen so far for Nvidia, Sapphire is great for ATI cards
  3. Well ATI is the one that screwed me last time so i will not be going with them again.

    Any particular models you have for suggestions would be great too, as most of these companies produce both good and bad products (as sad as that is)
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