8800gt sli performance slowdown

hi guys.
heres my spec

c2d e8400
asus p5nd 750i
2gb 800mhz ram
8800gt 512mb sli (asus+zotac)
250gb + 160gb HDD
650w coolermaster

problem occurs in far cry 2. i get better perfromance using a single card than sli. the games stutters a lot in sli and isnt performing as well as it should be. but when i tested other games and 3dmark vantage i get petter performance in sli.

i've downloaded the latest drivers so that rules it out.

i checked tomshardware far cry 2 benchmark for 8800gt sli and they are getting way better performance than i am.

any kind of help will be much appreciated.

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  1. try researching your motherboard and see if it's had any problems with sli. I believe 750i chipsets are somewhat unstable, but I'm not 100% sure.
  2. While 750i does get alot of negitive rep, I would think any problem steming from that would be system wide, not limited to a single game.

    Im using a 650i/E8400/8800GT SLi and havent noticed any issues with FC2. Also havent played it much (Reminds me too much of STALKER which I hated)
  3. alrite thnx for the info.
    regret i didnt do much research on nvidia boards, its a poor overclocker too
  4. If u have 2 different gfx cards (brand), maybe they have slightly different clock speeds, try to put the faster card in the secondary slot.

    I had the same problem. it solved the performance issue on my machine.

    (sorry for the bad english)
  5. The P5N-D is, in a word, awful! I went from a 680i board with 2x 8800GT and 3Ghz C2D getting 3dmark06 of 15000, to the P5N-D and it dropped to 12000. Then I bought a P5N-T Deluxe (780i) and 3dmark went back up to 15000. I'd only swapped out the motherboards!
    In short the P5N-D is very slow compared with the 680i/780i, and if you have SLi you should really look at a better mobo. Asus' 750i in particular is quite bad, I think the EVGA 750i FTW may be a little better but for around the same price as the P5N-T so I would avoid the 750i alltogether.
    The other thing I found with FC2 is that it is quite stuttery with a dual core CPU in ultra settings. I moved to a Q9550 and clocked it to 3.4Ghz and now FC2 runs like a dream.
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