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Hi - I'm new here. Here my question - I'm 63 and know very little about computers. I just bought a used HP DC7600 and here are the specs - OS - xpp; cd-rw/dvd; p4 - 3ghz; 1gb ram; 80g HD; PSU has 12 A on the 12V rail. Now can I purchase a Zotac 7600gs fanless card to play on this system? I only get into Civ 4 - Auren Trainz - and similar games. If this card will not work any suggestions. Also is this a standard atx psu? If so could I buy a new one and which is a good one if I would want to upgrade to a 8 series card? Thank You
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  1. hi and welcome
    the 7600GS is very old
    i don't know how much you can that 7600
    but i would suggest that pick up the Radeon HD 4670 its about 80$
    if the 7600 is less than 50$ then it will do the work for you
    in simple statement if you want more bang for buck and more performance and future proof
    go with HD4670
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