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Ok, so I just finished my build and I installed Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) onto my SSD (Intel x25 80gb). As per previous instructions I then proceded to install a 1TB (WD Caviar Black) as a data drive but I seem to be having problems. When I go to the computer folder, I can only see the SSD in the 'Hard Disc Drives' section. However when I go to 'properties' and 'hardware' it kists both the SSD and the HDD. Both are connected to an ASUS P6X58D Premium through SATA (3GB) to the 3GB ports and it sys that the WD is working properly. SO how do I save to it. I know a bit of a noob question but its my first multiple drive PC. Thanks
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    You did not format your new HDD yet, right?

    Go to start, right click My Computer, click Manage and then click Disk Management. Here you can format your HDD and give it a drive letter.
  2. Thanks, but again I think the answer is staring me in the eye but how do I format it. I got to the Disk Management screen and in the upper half (list form) I see my SSD with assigned letter. In the bottom I see the SSD (with blue line), the Disk drive and the other HDD. Do i press "new simple volume"? Sorry if this seems even more noobish.
  3. Oh and right away when you or anyone else will be answering, is there any specific format I should be formatting it to?
  4. Nevermind guys and sorry for taking up space with noob questions. My first day with W7 (too used to XP) but I found how to do it.
  5. Make sure you selected NTFS filesystem, and not FAT. You probably did it right thoughk, if you can now access and use the harddrive. good luck!
  6. Yea, i looked at a tutorial on how to do it and the default is NTFS and that is what I kept. But fully formatting a 1TB drive is like watching hair grow...But thanks again, I don't know why I had that dumb moment...
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