BFG GTX 260 Overclock questions. Please help :D

Ok so i have a bfg gtx 260 (216) shipped overclocked. I would like to know if its safe to overclock even further...and by safe i mean maintain a healthy lifespan. Im pretty sure nTune is just bad and isnt win7 compatiable but ive heard alot about riva-tuner and havent researched on it yet.

Using GPU-Z it states:
GPU clock is 590 MHz
Memory 999 MHz
Shader 1296 MHz

My setup:
i5 750 - 3.6ghz (30-40C with browsing & 60-70C using prime95 for 11 1/2 hours)
AC freezer pro 7? heatsink
4gb ddr3 ram
700W psu

I only mention cpu temps to kinda of show my airflow/cooling. Also before overclocking cpu it idled at 20-22C (not trying to "show off" by any means)

Thanks for reading. :D
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  1. Ive downloaded Rivatuner v2.24 now and i have no idea how to use it lol help?
  2. use MSI afterburner to overclock. and overclock in increments till u see artifacts or till u blue screen or ur 3d program freezes then drop it down a tad. Overclocking gcards are ALOT easier than overclocking cpu's.

    also if u want power saving stuff disabled on ur gtx 260:
    To disable power saving on Nvidia cards go to Nvidia Control Panel > 3d Settings > manage 3d settings > Global Settings tab > Power Management Mode (change this to 'prefer maximum performance). Hit apply and restart.
  3. yes u can overclock it further, and yes nTune is terribad.
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