1st DIY, No Sound

Intel E5200
Asus P5Q Pro 775
Sapphire HD4850
Win Vista Hm Prem 64Bit

I completed my build, installed OS, Mobo Drivers, Video Drivers. But I do not have sound. I have a single socket analog connected from my LCD TV to the pale green Input on the back of the I/O section.

I checked everything audio that I could find in Windows and nothing is muted and volumes are up, and yes my TV volume is up as well.

Not sure if it matters but there are not any "start-up" sounds either. I am assuming there should be only because my XP has start up sounds.

Any thoughts? :??:
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  1. Make sure the onboard sound is enabled in the BIOS.

    Go to your device manager in Vista. Does the onboard sound device show up there at all?
  2. These are the only devices related to audio that I could find. Primary category followed by sub-category listing device.

    Sound, video and game controllers
    '--> High Definition Audio Device
    '--> Realtek High Defintion Audio

    System Devices
    '--> High Definition Audio Controller
    '--> High Definition Audio Controller
    '-->System Speaker

    None of the icons next to the listings appear with any type of negative symbol. Not sure how Vista makes it look. No Red stop signs, circle with slashes or Yellow triangles, etc..

    Not sure if these are what your talking about or if there is a different category I should be lo9oking for.
  3. I am also going to grap a pair of speakers off of another machine to see if they work. If they do then it has to be my TV or the connection to my TV. I should have tried that first. Not sure why I didn't think of it.
  4. My stand-off speakers work fine. It has to be something with my TV connection. Thanks mentioning the BIOS double check.
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