which is better ATI's Radeon 4870X2 or nVidia's GTX280

Im buildin a new system and want to know which gpu to go for ... the 4870X2 or the GTX280, im also comsidering the 9800GX2...

i have a 24" widescreen

im gonna get:
an ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme X58 Motherboard
Core i7 940 processor

i want to know which gpu is better , im not goin to be gettin another gpu for a while so i wont be usin SLI or Crossfire ... am also not goin to be ocin .. so i basically want to know which card will give the best performance when i playy games like crysis and far cry 2 ...

ive been reasearchin for weeks and cant make up my mind :pt1cable: ... im currently thinking of goin for the 4870x2...

PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!! :??:
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  1. where do you research, in your bathroom ;)

    4870x2 as simple as that
  2. i know this has been asked many times ...
    i thought ill just strt my own thread and get a direct answer for myself since i keep readin diff answers in other threads ...
    i just cant make up my mind!!!
  3. the reason i wasnt sure abt the 4870x2 is coz i always thought nvidia was a much better company and i also came across one site which said tht the gtx280 was much better ... cant remember wheere i read it though
  4. i also want to know which brand to go for when i get the gpu...
  5. coz i can keep specifying on the question and get an answer for it ... now stop bein a total jackass and help me choose if u can...
  6. ASUS EAH4870X2/HTDI/2G/A Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB 512-bit GDDR5

    This one has the best warranty.
    Factory warranty 2 years
    Plus Newegg
    Return for refund within: 30 days
    Return for replacement within: 1 year

    This is our Detailed Standard Return Policy. Unless another return policy is indicated, products sold by Newegg.com are covered by this Standard Return Policy. Merchandise under this Standard Return Policy may be returned a) within 30 days of the original invoice date for a refund, or b) within one year of the original invoice date for a replacement of the same item. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. All items returned for a refund are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
    Many manufacturers offer additional factory coverage. With regard to such, you should contact the manufacturer of your item directly for information regarding eligibility and specific Terms and Conditions.
  7. get the 4870x2 dude. No big deal.
  8. easy choice 4870x2
  9. k... ill go for the 4870x2 ...
    thks for the input...
  10. if your going with the i7 processor go with the 4870 regardless cause i have read that nvidia for some reason has well not bad but the ati runs better from what i have heard. I too am getting an i7 processor

    Sigh, sorry for that.

    Read the bloody thread date and don't post pointless things months after the OP stopped caring..

    Noone cares that you are getting an i7 or about your random unsubstantiated claims.
  12. +1............. knotknut
  13. the HD4870X2

    hint try to get the asus tri fan as the stock cooler on them are like a jet :O
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