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i have a problem with my home network being able to see each of the pc's on either my vista or my xp. my xp is in my home office and my vista is set up in my livingroom with a wireless g card (belkin wireless router) when i first set it up i could use the printer (lexmark) in the office on the xp but could never get it to see the xp.(host)? xp shows only local connection. now i can not see the printer or any pc in the workgroup. i have checked all settings and every thing is set to share and the same workgroup, the pc names are correct, and so on. i ran a diagnose check on vista and it once said a firewall inbetween the pc's might be blocking the vista from seeing the xp (host)? could the firewall on the belkin router block the network? its been a year and i'm still trying to get this to work. i dont think it will ever work but i decided one last try here so any help would be great. thanxs
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  1. Try to disable both XP and Vista windows firewalls. If you have an external firewall (from your router) you dont need the windows ones. Mine are also switched off because the firewalls of windows are (verry) low on security. I'm running for about 3 years now and had no problem ever since.

    If the network problem still exists you need to try to ping to all other machines in order to see if they are reachable.

    I hope this does the trick.
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