Anyone with a 930 OC'ed?

I just purchased an i7 930 and a V8 heatsink. What are you guys with a 930 typically clocking it at? I'm just curious as to what I'm going to be looking for, obviously something 3.0GHz to 4.0GHz, but I also want to be realistic, so I'm wondering what you guys are clocking it at so I have something to shoot for. Thanks.
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  1. you should do it yourself, all you need to do is pull up the FSB and voltages, post some specs so we can help, your RAM/RAM timings are important too.
  2. Here's mine:

    34c-40c idle, 55c-60c load. Prime 95 stable for 18 hours (I had to leave for the day so I stopped short of 24 hrs.) Could go to 4.2-4.3 but that would introduce more heat. Using a Prolimatech heatsink.

    Here is another example of a i7 930 over clock, refer to the chart near the bottom of the page, they reached 4.2 on air.

    Mileage may vary depending on hardware, hope this helps. :3
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