Any new Graphics Cards with an HDMI port ?

i'm looking to buy a new video card for my brother. He has a new 22" HP LCD monitor that has an HDMI port. So far he has used an HDMI adapter to his DVI video card, but now is having issues with his gaming as the monitor turns off periodically. Is there any new video cards with HDMI instead of DVI connection? I'm trying to get him a powerful card such as a 4870 or a GTX260.
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  1. These are what I could come up with
    $170 ATI 4850
    $170~ Geforce 9800GTX+ (shady manuf.)

    Although I really don't see the point, these HDMI outputs are intended for HDTV's, Use the DVI and be done with it (even a cheap 2.1 set of speakers are better than any on a monitor). As there is NO DIFFERENCE IN PICTURE QUALITY BETWEEN DVI, and HDMI.

    *EDIT* and yes that monitor also has a DVI port.
    *EDIT2* yes HDMI also passes sound (not well on the nVidia tho).
  2. No this monitor does not have a DVI port.

    but thanks for the suggestions i didnt even notice those on newegg.
  3. Another queston. If he is running 1680 x 1050 resolution on a 22" monitor, is the 4870 512mb going to be a better buy than the 4870 1gig version? I was assuming a 4870 1gig version was for 1900x1200 or greater.
  4. That's a first, trust HP to be retarded. Has a VGA, HDMI, and USB. HP drop the VGA as well as the USB, and use DVI instead!

    more reasons I will never buy HP monitors (I buy Samsung, or AG Neovo).
  5. As far as I know there is no noticible difference between the two at that rez. However what I listed was the 4850 (depending on the MB, go with X-Fire).
  6. Or even better, what card does he have now? Because for a similar price you could get a new 22" monitor, and drop that no-DVI-havin-chunk-of-HP-crap.
    $170 22" Acer monitor
    $190 22" ASUS
    $230 22" Samsung
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