Please Help!... Graphic card selection

My current pc config is :
Motherboard : Intel DG31 PR
Processor : Core 2 Duo E2200 @ 2.20 Ghz
Current Graphic Card : XFX 8400 GS (Nvidia)
Monitor : BenQ T221W

I need help selecting a better graphic card that does not hinder game like NFS Undercover or GRID. So to say the latest games.
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  1. What is your PSU? We need to know how many 12v lines it has and how many amps on each, and what resolution do you play at?
  2. If this is a prebuilt, the existing PSU will definitely impose limits, unless you upgrade it also.
    If, for example, you don't even have a PCIE connector, or if you have only a 250W PSU, you'd be limited to a 4670. That's much better than an 8400GS, but still won't play the "latest games" on very high or even high settings.
  3. Hey,
    My PSU is 300 Watts Max and i have 3 12v Lines with 1 of 8 amps, 1 of 13 A and last one of 0.3 A. My Mother Board has a PCI Express Slot.

    Do suggest if i sholuld improve PSU? Also would a 8600 GT work better or 9600 GSO. Thanks for the reply...
  4. 9600GSO would be significantly better. What model is your PSU?
  5. Ok i usually play at the resolution 1680 X 1050 and also the Model of the PSU is : VIP300WATXP4. Ok jus checked the processor model as well and its E4500 & and E2200 if that is helpfull information.
  6. @DrunkeN; The HD4670 is your best bet, it has good performance for its price, and low power consumption, so low it needs no external power lead while the 8600/9600 cards need one.
  7. @coozie, thx a lot for the advice.. i jus checked the specs for HD4670 and it looks lighter on the pocket and better in performance as well. IF necessary i can improve the psu if 9600 can give better performance... do let me know.. thx again
  8. I do n`t think your current rig will use a 9600 to its fullest extent, so I`ll still advise the HD4670 as the best upgrade.
  9. Thanks a lot coozie i am gonna go ahead with a HD4670. After all's done will let u know if things have worked out in the favour of my gaming and overall pc performance.
  10. + 1 for The HD 4670.
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