RAID compatibility between ICH9 and ICH10

So I need a new motherboard, I have a ton of hardware issues, and am scrapping the RAM, CPU, and MOBO. My drives work fine and I have a RAID with a data partition on it that I only have a partial backup of. I really want to recover that data. My options are buying an older MOBO with ICH9 or a newer CPU and MOBO with ICH10.

My question is will ICH10 pick up the RAID metadata? I am guessing it should, but need to find out before I make a purchase.
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  1. You could burn and boot Ubuntu Linux, that would give you instant-access to your data. After having booted, select Places then Home. In the window that opens, select ".. GB Filesystem" on the left side. Now you should see your data.

    If you had a ICH9R chip now and your new motherboard has ICH10R, then it would just work and boot your array just fine - provided Windows doesn't BSOD because your motherboard changed; that still happens sometimes afaik. But at least your RAID would be fine.
  2. yeah, I think its the system partition that is wrecked. I have my data on another partition. So it seems I can expect to recover that from a fresh install of windows?

    I'll try setting my data aside with ubuntu. the thing is the partition is formatted under ntfs, probably not readable by Linux...
  3. Perfectly readable and writable by Linux. :)
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