Help with new-build,,please!


Thnx for this great forum!! :hello:

This is my first "Gaming-PC build", and it soo-far has gone better than I had hoped,, I spent 2-days taking my time to read-up, and get as many tips from the web I could find, and Read ALL the manuals from the packages of Parts from the PC.
I hit a snag,, after first-boot, everything seemed to be going fine, and started to get excited :bounce:
after getting to the "Install windows screen!"
,,,,Then, all my hopes were dashed by an abrupt Shut-down :cry: .

soo, I calmly removed the side-cover, and Re-booted, and Again it shut-down
after about 20-seconds,, after another reboot,,it shuts down after 10-seconds,,Hummm,,,
Soo, I think to-myself "Heat Issue??"
Soo, on next boot[after a 30-minute cool-down period] I Reboot again
and shut-down occurs after about 30-seconds again [and next 2-boots are for shorter-periods of time]
After another 30-min. wait, I reboot and chek CPU-temp,, its going
up at a rate of about +2 centagrade-a-sec.,, and after a shut-down,
I have touched the CPU-cooler[its the stock cooller & Fan], and it seems
very-warm to the touch??
Also,,during the build, I was very-suspicious of the "stuff" applied to the
bottom of the CPU-Heater[it didnt seam like enough??] that suppose to keep the CPU cool??

Any Help from you-guys would be a Blessing!!,,THNX!!!

Here's the Specs;

gigabyte EP45-DS3L/S3L Motherboard.
Intel Core2Duo E8500 3.16GH@133FSB 6MB Cache.
Antec Sonata 500 Case w/500 watt Earthwatts PSU.
4GB DDR2 Kingston PC6400.
Leadtek 8800 GTS 320MB GDDR3.

Please ask If I missed something,,thnx!

A first-time GamingPC Builder;
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  1. well you dont need much of that "stuff" if any spreads too far it runs over the sides and gets into pins creating havoc. its supposed to help trasfer heat from cpu to the cooler... id double check that the cooler is installed properly
  2. OK,,Thnx!

    I'LL go-back and check-it
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