True Spirit or CM Hyper n620?

Which of these coolers would you recommend for an i7 930 at about 3.8ghz?

Any suggestions of coolers around ~$60 are welcome too

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  1. Which brand and model pc case do you have?

    Here are two links to technical reviews of the CM Hyper N620:

    Here are two links to technical reviews of the True Spirit:

    Here is a link to a recent Tom's Hardware article with useful information about 10 popular cpu heatsinks:,2535.html

    I know the article states Intel LGA 1156 heatsinks but just about all of them are also compatible with Intel LGA 1366 cpu's

    Here is a link to a very good web site with more useful information about cpu heatsinks that will help you make an informed decision:

    You can use the Google embedded search feature at the web site to find more information about heatsinks for specific cpu sockets.
  2. My case is an Antec 1200, So just about anything should fit.

    Thanks for the links Johnny, one of them compared a True Spirit and N620 in a 1200 with an overclocked 920, so looks like i'm getting the True spirit
  3. Great! The Antec Twelve Hundred is 8.4 inches wide so it can accomadate any of the 160mm tall, tower style cpu heatsinks.
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